Best Bomber Jackets Ever

WHY HAVE I BEEN GONE FOR DAYS? To be perfectly honest, I’m lazy. I’ve known that I wanted to do this blog post before I ever even started this blog and I have yet to do it. Until NOW. Are you guys ready to see what I’m currently lusting after?? It’s going to be a good one, I promise. 

Who doesn’t love a good fashion post? That is definitely what this is going to be. I’m calling it good like I actually have any idea how to do this or what I’m even doing LOL. I really should have someone supervise me when I try to do things like this, so let’s just jump in head first.

I’m so excited it’s finally getting into the fall season. I love layering and wearing jackets and coats. It’s what I LIVE for, sweating to death in the summer is the sacrifice I make for being able to look GOOD in the fall and winter months. Gucci has been KILLING me lately. I’m loving everything they’re putting out so I can’t NOT talk about this Gucci Ghost silk bomber. It’s bold, it’s in your face, and I LOVE it. It is my IDEAL bomber jacket. It’s so outside the box for Gucci which they’ve been doing sooooo well with lately. The colors, the pattern, it’s just everything I could ask for in a bomber, but I understand it’s definitely not for everyone.

GucciGhost silk bomber, $2,480.
Lets be real. Most people don’t have $2500 sitting around to go spend on a jacket so below are some decent alternatives for a much more affordable price

I love these options from Urban Outfitters

Skull Souvenir $129

NYC Souvenir $129
NOW, if embroidery isn’t your style and you have simpler tastes, I STILL HAVE OPTIONS FOR YOU! This time they’re from ASOS

Rosedust Oversized Bomber  $49

Pull&Bear Bomber $38

And y’all know I can’t forget something for the girls too!

Touche LA x Morgan Stewart Brendan Bomber $230


Pink Clove Bomber with Sheer Sleeve $19.50

Fire Embroidered Bomber $55
These bombers, in my personal opinion, are AMAZING. They look good, they’re bold, and they’re fun. ALWAYS remember fashion is about YOU. Expressing yourself. It DOES NOT MATTER what someone says you should wear as long as YOU are confident in it. If you’d prefer to wear a hoodie instead of any of these jackets go for it as long as it makes you happy. Fashion is self expression and NO ONE can tell you how to be you. You’re one of a kind!


*photos used do not belong to me, all rights to asos, touche, revolve, gucci, nordstrom and urban outfitters respectively.


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