Lets Talk About Happy

WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I’ve been no where, I’ve done nothing, I am a flawed human who is willing to admit he is lazy.  BUT, guys…gals… I have something SO incredibly good prepared for you. Lets talk about being happy. What is happy? What does happy even mean? Honestly, there are a million different things to discuss in this blog post about happy. PLEASE, PLEASE bare with me through my ramblings. This one may get a little bit deeper than we expect. A simple definition of happy is  delighted, pleased, glad. And that is fine and dandy BUT happiness is SO MUCH MORE. I tell everyone I get into deep conversation with that I have a theory that people INTENTIONALLY sabotage themselves because they don’t want to be happy. Why would you not want to be happy though? I’m not saying you have to be happy 24/7, 365 days a year. That is NOT by ANY means possible. No one is happy all the time.  People very easily forget that you’re ALLOWED to feel your emotions and you need to. That is why you have them. Please whatever you do, feel your emotions. It’s honestly a big key in how I, PERSONALLY, stay happy. If I’m sad, I let myself feel sad and I cry if I feel like I need to. If I’m angry, I let myself be angry. If I’m scared, I let it in, I don’t pretend it isn’t there. I embrace any emotion I feel as I feel it in that moment. The biggest problem in other peoples lives I find is that they let other people absolutely control their happiness. They’re afraid of making someone mad, upset, or disappointed. They’re afraid of criticisms like being called ugly, fat, or fake. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THOSE THINGS TO ANYONE? If you don’t like the way someone is, CUT THEM OUT. Ignore them. Move on. NO ONE deserves to have their self esteem destroyed because they don’t meet your expectations. Be nice to people. DON’T GET ME WRONG, it’s okay to want to make other people happy and wanting to avoid those criticisms. I actually think it’s a very admirable quality to be honest. HOWEVER, you MUST make yourself happy first. You have to stop telling yourself you’re ugly or you’re fat or you’re not worth it. If you can’t love yourself and value yourself, how on earth are you going to be able to give that to someone else and expect other people to give it to you? YOU MATTER. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. To be happy you have to believe these things. Cutting toxicity out of your life will be the biggest step in reaching a happier you. Whether that be a friend, a family remember, a boyfriend/girlfriend, any person who is downing you and not contributing positivity to your life, let them go. Now before you going cutting people out on my recommendation, remember to cut the TOXIC people out, not the people who you feel aren’t kissing your ass enough. There are good people out there, you may not know any at this point in your life, but I promise they’re out there. Just because they tell you when you’re wrong or doing something inappropriate doesn’t mean they are toxic. Maybe I’m naive to believe people are inherently good, but by doing so I am HAPPY. Oh look, there’s that word again. Happy. Are you happy? Truly? If you aren’t please ask yourself why. Is it a bad job? A terrible relationship? A friendship taking a turn for the worst? If it is, LEAVE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I understand you may need your job to live but let it be your motivation to work HARDER to get away from it and get to a job that DOES make you happy. If your significant other is causing you heartache, LEAVEEEEEE. DO NOT STAY WITH SOMEONE OUT OF COMFORT or FEAR. You will never be happy trying to make another person happy. Look deep inside yourself, it’s hard, it’s difficult and if you think about it, almost impossible BUT let me tell you RIGHT NOW that it IS possible. Repeat this to yourself, “I am whole. I am complete. I love myself. I am worth it. I am happy.” and keep repeating it until you mean it and until you believe it. Fake it till you make it ain’t no joke. When people see you’re happy, that will radiate like the sun. When you’re happy in yourself, no one can bring you down. Words will always be just words. Someone who tries to hurt you with their words has demons much deeper than you’ll ever understand. Love people, but don’t take shit. There will always be people who do not like you, always people who try to kill the things you’re passionate about and that make you HAPPY. Don’t let them. Don’t be afraid of doing things that make you happy, don’t let people romanticize being sad as fun and quirky and a trait to have. People who are sad do not want to be. And if you are one of those sad people, please know I love you and I believe in you and you matter. Your existence matters and you deserve to be happy. Don’t expect someone else to make you happy. Make yourself happy in any way that you can. I know it may seem impossible but God do I believe in you and know you have the strength to do it. Do whatever makes you happy and do it unashamed and FULLY, you owe it to yourself. YOU HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Live it to the fullest. If it’s art, or writing, or acting, or singing, or even taking pictures of rocks, let your passion that makes you happy out. Let it breathe, let it make you happy. Let the happy out; don’t hold it in. You never know when your last breath may be. Always remember that you have just as much right to be happy as every other person on earth. If you’re not happy today, you will be soon. Happiness is within you always.



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