Love Who You Are

Have you ever seen people who are one way in private and a completely different way in public? There could be multiple different reasons for that. Fear, anxiety, or just simply because they think people won’t like who they. You are so incredibly important. I just wanted to make this blog post to tell you my “tips and tricks” to loving yourself. First and most importantly, you have to remember that YOU MATTER and your feelings are valid. If someone tells you not to feel a certain way, don’t listen. You’re allowed to be sad or happy or hurt or excited. No matter how passionate you are about something, whatever it may be, someone will always try and tear that down. Tear down your ambitions and your happiness. DO NOT let them. You must explore your passions whether it be a form of art or being a personal trainer. Whatever gets up you and makes you happy, GO FOR IT. Running this blog makes me happy. I’m not doing it for money or popularity, I just want to help whoever reads it and to be able to express myself. Next up, surround yourself with positive people, surround yourself with people that care, people that want to see you succeed. Build your friends up as much as they build you up. Love each other. Express your feelings to friends. To truly love yourself you can NOT bog yourself down with emotions you won’t embrace. You can’t love yourself if you’re letting your inner emotions you won’t face eat away at you. Loving yourself is honestly so simple, if you let yourself. Do things for yourself. If you want to eat a certain meal, make that meal on occasion. If you own your favorite movie, watch it every day. If you like to take baths, take them as often as you can. Love your body. Be nice to your body. It’s perfect as is. If you like to workout do that, BUT do not workout because you “need to” or because someone tells you that you should, do it for yourself. Everything in life is for you, it is your life. Be happy, love yourself, give your body what it needs. Last but not least, you deserve love. From yourself. You deserve to love everything about yourself from your personality, to your looks, to your talents. You are unique. Embrace who you are, there’s not another you. So to sum up my tips and tricks for loving yourself:


  • You matter
  • You’re important
  • Dive into your passions
  • Appreciate your body
  • Surround yourself with positivity
  • Take time for yourself

That’s all for today kids, more ramblings. I’ve got a lot more coming your way. I hope you’re enjoying it.



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