Multiple Best Friends. Is it possible?

Websters exact definition of best friend is as followed, “one’s closest and dearest friend” Friend. Singular. Do you believe that you can only have one best friend? I don’t and I’m going to fill you in on why I KNOW having multiple best friends is possible.

 I’m 23 years old. I’ve had SO many friends in my life from the time I knew what a friend was. Best friends though? That is a completely different subject. What makes you call someone your BEST friend. Best isn’t a word people use lightly. Best is a word that means top of the line, perfect, just well…the best. I have a few people I truly consider my best friends. Don’t get me wrong, I have other people I would claim as my best friends but distance and circumstance makes it a different situation in itself. Two people come to my mind when I think of BEST friend. Megan and Chriss are my best FRIENDS. Friends with an s. Plural. I value my friendship with these two girls more than anything in the world. What really makes them my best friends? Why do I have two? It’s simple really, “I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.” Yeah, that’s a John Green quote from a book titled The Fault in Our Stars. FOR REAL THOUGH, there’s different reasons I love these girls. How many chances do you get to find even one person who you can call at 3 AM and cry to? Or will pick you up pizza when they know your sad? Or for me, continue to feed my addiction to coffee and tea mugs? It’s really simple to have two or ten or twenty best friends. VALUE THEM EQUALLY. Stop putting one in front of the other. People have different personalities. Do you agree it would get boring if your friend group had no variation and everyone agreed on everything and there was never room for debate? There are aspects of your best friends you don’t have to like but you can love them with their flaws. The reason people ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to let themselves say “I have multiple best friends” is simply the constrains society has put on us. You’re not supposed to have more than one best friend. BUT WHY THE HELL NOT? I am ALLOWED to love people equally. I am ALLOWED to call more than one person my best friend. STOP letting someone tell you that you can’t love your friends the exact same and one of the just has to stand out above the other. I’ve known my best friends for around a DECADE. When you find one or two or even fifteen people who love you unconditionally, hold on to them. My personality is very scattered, I need attention, I need advice, I need someone to bring me back down to earth, and I can get all of that from myself but I LOVE having best friends who help me do those things. Do you need a best friend? No. You are more than capable of loving yourself BUT if you do get lucky and find someone you can stand for more than one hour, it’s a gift. My friends have completely opposite personalities, and they vibe well with me. They even vibe well with each other. It’s easy to be BEST FRIENDS because we just click. We get each other. Why am I to limit myself to one person when I get along equally well with more than one? The whole point of this ramble is to love people. The point of this is to stop letting society decide what you should and shouldn’t do. Why should anyone be able to tell you that you can’t have two best friends? Or 10. Or 5,000. My life is a better place because of mine. Make your own rules, make your own decisions. Stop letting SOCIETY decide for you. To answer my own question of “is it possible?” Yes, it is. I’ve done it for a decade and I’m not letting up now.

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