I’ve got someone explaining to do, don’t I? I have been gone for over two weeks. Also, I want to tell you a little about my pup and you can see pictures of him in this blog post.  I’ve been a really sucky blogger. Like actually I can’t even call myself a blogger at this point. I’m just someone who spastically posts random shit. I’m going to work on it and get better about actually posting consistent and GOOD content. I’m hoping typing this out and making it known for people to see will give me the kick in the ass I need. I’m incredibly lacking in the creativity part of my brain lately and I don’t want to put half assed posts up for anyone reading this or myself. The one thing I did tell myself before starting this blog was that I was going to like every single post that went up and I wasn’t going to stress myself out over anything. And up to this point I have achieved both of those statements. Bare with me please, I’m going to find my footing here eventually. Thankfully for me blogging is a hobby, I don’t get paid for writing any of these posts and I don’t have to stress about when to post, how to word things, and making sure I buy a $1,000 camera to shoot photos of my dinner. Of course I would LOVE to get paid for a hobby like this, who wouldn’t? BUT I have the luxury of still trying to find myself here.

Here are some photos of my dog you can enjoy though because he’s the CUTEST and this was taken directly after I made him go on a walk and we got home. My dog Winston is literally my favorite thing in the whole world. He’s a one year old pug and he is a HANDFUL at times. If you’ve ever been a dog owner you know what I mean when I say they’re the most wonderful thing in the world. And boy oh boy is he spoiled rotten. If you’re interested in getting an animal I HIGHLY suggest doing TONS AND TONS of research into the type and breed you want to make sure you can fully dedicate yourself to your animal and know the pros and cons and if you’re truly ready. Also, ADOPT DON’T SHOP. There are so many animals in shelters who need you more than an animal at a shop. Being a pet owner is a hard job sometimes but it will be one of the most rewarding things in the world when the time comes. 


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