My Holiday Gift Guide: Simple and affordable 



Christmas is just a few short weeks away, can you believe it? 2016 seems to have just flown by with all the highs and the lows this year has held for me personally. I LOVE the holiday season between the decorations, the seasonal candles, the time spent with family and the FOOD. Christmas is a time to celebrate and take time to be with family and appreciate life. If you don’t exchange gifts with anyone that’s fine, today’s society has put so much emphasis on having to have the latest gadgets or the newest clothes but always know your worth is not determined by these things. It’s not about the gifts but if you are buying and exchanging gifts, I have a few ideas you may be able to use!

For Dad

BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer.jpgBeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer $64.95 on Amazon. Every man eventually will need a good beard and hair trimmer. This one from Amazon is a bit more on the expensive side but dear old Dad is worth it if you have the money to spare to keep his beard looking ship shape!

2545317_Blue_White_Plaid.jpgMen’s 2 piece solid tee & microfleece lounge pants $10 at Kohls. Every guy LOVES pajamas whether he says so or not I PROMISE and this is a gift that can be used for a long time and it’s so inexpensive! One of the best gifts for anyone, especially dad.

For Mom


Philosophy Amazing Grace Gift Set $57 at Sephora. Spoil your mom this Christmas with an amazing gift from Sephora that contains an 8 oz shampoo, bath and shower gel, 2 oz toilette spray, and a 4 oz whipped body creme.6-Compartment Wood Shadow Box by ArtMinds®

6 Compartment Shadow Box for $8.50 at Michaels in store or order 3 online. This six compartment shadow box is completely  customizable, paint it and add your own decorative touches for a sentimental gift for mom. 
For Brother

SoundLogic Bluetooth Shower Speaker for $10 at The Home Depot. Most people love music and to be able to listen to it in the shower without risking your phone is the best thing ever!! AND FOR $10? You can’t beat it!
Adidas Originals ‘Create’ backpack for $65 at Nordstrom. A nice, sturdy backpack is good for everyone, especially a brother who may be in school. Whether your brother is in school or not this could be a great gift for traveling, walking around town and having things he needs, and school if he’s in!
For Sister

S’Well water bottle in “blanc crocodile” ranging from 9 oz -25 oz ranging in price from $25-$45 at Nordstrom. New years resolutions usually involve gym memberships and a lot of health is wealth, I am one of those people myself, so what better way than to get have a luxurious water bottle for the new year! Regardless of what it’s used for.
Sister Coffee Mug from Etsy for $17. Celebrate your sister and make her feel special on Christmas Day! Show the love. 
For Grandpa

Hickory Farms Party Planer Gift Box for $46 online. Boxes like this are the BEST gifts to me. They’re full of different things for a cheaper price and it comes prepackaged and saves you so much time!
A pocket t-shirt for $5.50 from Walmart. This one is pretty self explanatory. Everyone needs spare clothing and a pocket t shirt is the way to go. 
For Grandma

Diptyque Candle for $62 at Bergdorf Goodman. An expensive candle is always a nice gift to show mamaw how much you care!
Grand kids picture frame for $9 at Walmart. Get your cousins together and take a group photo for your grandma to add to this frame and I BET she’ll love you even more than she already does! lol
For Your Someone Special

DIY Couple Coupons! Grab some markers and some construction paper and get to work and watch your partners face light up at the thought you put into this gift!

A trip to a bed and breakfast is romantic. Use airb&b to find the PERFECT romantic trip take!!
For Your Best Friend






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