DIY Christmas Project

This Christmas project is super SIMPLE, super FUN, and super AWESOME! And best of all, it’s super AFFORDABLE because why spend more money when there is no reason to and something like this turns out just as well! I know most DIY projects you see are PERFECT and done up with fancy lights and high end cameras but I wanted to show you that you can still do these things and enjoy them without all the extra. People forget that Christmas is more than gifts and how much you spend and receive. This project is by no means perfect but it was FUN. And it’s something you can do with your family and friends or even have your pet watch which is the most important part! 

For supplies all you need is scissors, clear tape, construction paper, your favorite paint chips, and holiday stickers!

Cut your paint chips and construction paper into triangles or something similar to the shape of a Christmas tree. As you see, I used no ruler, no fancy craft tools, and just went with it and it was SO MUCH FUN. They make the BEST door decorations that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on

After you have cut your trees out, simple stick whatever you want on them. I had Christmas stickers, foam stickers and some decorative tape added to mine!

This is all about having fun! You don’t have to add any decoration to your DIY tree and can make as many as you want. SO WHAT if it’s not straight or perfect or has a little bend to it. Let’s emphasis how FUN and how we feel doing this instead of stressing that it’s not perfect!

My mini purple tree may not seem “perfect” BUT I LOVE IT! I think it’s so cool and turned out great, and I wasn’t worried about what people would say about it. It was for me. And now for me to share and hope you feel as happy as I did when I made these yourself.
To end this post I would like to say one last thing. Enjoy life. Enjoy your self. Your family. Your friends. Your pets. Anyone who means anything to you. Do not lose your sense of wonder and adventure for life due to things having to be “perfect.” That does not exist. Perfect will NEVER exist. Do the things that make you happy. Do projects you enjoy and do them stress free. You have one life, and if this was the last Christmas would you really want to spend it angry you misplaced a sticker or your tree isn’t a perfect triangle? I sure know I wouldn’t. I’ve added links to all the products you need on Amazon with the exception of paint chips which you can snag up at your local Walmart, Lowes, or The Home Depot. Consider this an early Merry Christmas and let’s see what else this month has in store for us! Peace and Blessings to you and yours from me.


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