My Christmas Wishlist 2016: 10 Necessities 

I LOVE making wish lists, whether I get all or none of the things I add to my lists I just think they’re fun to make.  The thing about a wish list is that you can go as simple or as extravagant as you want! I personally like to have a combination of both things on my list. I’ve compiled a list of my 10 MUST HAVE items this year, whether I get them or not they’re still the things I’m wishing for!! I’ve included links to similar items that I could find. I hope you enjoy seeing what I’m craving this holiday season and I would love to know what you’re interested in, maybe I can add it to my list too! Don’t forget to leave me a comment or reach out to me via any of my social medias! Have a great day and remember material items like these do not make you a better or worse person and you should never feel less. If someone has $1,000,000 that doesn’t make them a good person and just because you may have $5 doesn’t make you any less than perfect. 


Premiere Brand Coffees of Christmas Gift Set, 12 Flavors for $10
I am a MAJOR coffee lover. I drink coffee almost from sun up to sun down. This coffee sampler is AWESOME because it comes with 12 different flavors of coffee so I can have so many different flavors in my life! Honestly, I could drink this all in a day probably and if you have a coffee lover in your life this would be an awesome gift!

EVERGREEN TEAVANA® 16 OZ PERFECTEA MAKER for $19 * similar here for $14
I have been coveting this teavana tea maker since I first laid eyes on it during one of my many late night online shopping extravaganzas where I add a million dollars worth of items to my cart, laugh at the price, then close it out. This loose leaf tea steeper is awesome because it is spring activated and after it has steeped long enough you set it on top of your mug and it releases into your cup! And best of all teavana has multiple loose leaf teas you can buy to put inside this awesome contraption!

’47 Brand NY Micro Logo Baseball Hat for $29 * similar here for $13
If you know me in real life or have ever taken a peep at my  Instagram, gotta get that self-promo in there, then you know I don’t go many days without a hat and this navy NY hat is one of my favorites I’ve found online. I mostly wear a uniform of black and white from day to day so this navy though it is dark can add a little color to my outfit without taking away to much from my well-loved athleisure style. One day I will be the guy with a ball cap collection, and best of they’re great to cover up a bad hair day or if you don’t have time to wash it. Ballcaps are great for women and men alike.

iPhone 6/6S Classic Black Marble for $48 * similar here for $5 and here for $13
Marble is super trendy, right? And we all know black is chic in its own right so to mix the two together is just genius in my eyes. And the best part is this case is protective on top of being cooler than the other side of the pillow. I would definitely love to add this one to my ever growing case collection.



SOLID DUAL LOGO SWEATSHIRT for $65 * similar here for $28  and here  for $34

The weather is FINALLY getting cool enough most days to bust out the sweaters and long sleeves. I LOVE sweaters, they’re comfortable and ones like this Calvin Klein are ever so cool. What I wouldn’t give to be one of those overly trendy Instagram boys who take the best outfit photos. Maybe if I get this sweater it’ll help me elevate closer to that level!

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera (Black) for $84 * similar here for $60

I love taking pictures on my iPhone but nothing really compares to holding a real picture. That’s what is so great about this polaroid, there is no time to edit or find the best light or make sure your outfit is perfect, you get to capture a memory exactly how it is and instantly be able to hold it in your hands. This is my biggest want and my biggest need on this entire list. It’s effortlessly cool and of course trendy because Polaroids have been back “in style” for a little while now and I’ve yet to get my hands on one.

TXM052 for $135 * similar here for $87 and here for $65

Tayroc has some of the COOLEST watches I’ve ever seen in my entire life. These watches for me are one of the most covet items I need to own. A watch instantly dresses up an outfit whether you be in a full blown tuxedo or a simple polo and jeans. These watches come in so many different finishes and price points. There is also free shipping on orders over $50 on their website. For a watch so inexpensive and such good quality this is definitely a MUST have.


iTunes cards are literally the easiest and best gift in the world for an Apple or iTunes user. You can buy them in all different price ranges and they’re great for kids and adults alike. No matter how much is on one of these cards, the person it is gifted to will definitely not be disappointed!

Retro White and Grey Writing Desk for $225 * similar here for $40 and here for $67
This desk from Overstock is EXACTLY what I need, small but perfect. This won’t hold much which in my case is great so there won’t be a chance for excessive clutter. The drawers will be great for holding extra chargers and the clutter I don’t want to display LOL. Also, can we really beat the color of this? The white is so crisp and clean and will make for a great photo when it’s organized and clean! Definitely a need in my life as I’m typing this blog post from my bed.


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