Scrolling through Pinterest trying to find inspiration for a new blog post, although it is a hobby I want it to be good content for you guys, I stumbled upon this quote and I just LOVE it and it got me really thinking. How often are we really kind to each other anymore? The world, especially the internet, is so cruel. Feelings are no longer valued. I was watching a YouTube video from a creator I enjoy and the comments section was BRUTAL for no reason other than just to be mean. Why do we feel the need to constantly rip each other apart instead of trying to lift each other up? Life is hard and spreading kindness to all people, regardless of whether you know them or not can not cause any harm. People all around the world are struggling with demons you’ll never know about and to be cruel can send them over edge completely. Comments on facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc are just mean now a days. Imagine if someone was BULLYING you this way. Because that is what it boils down to. Loving people, being kind, being accepting, is something the world desperately needs more of. If someone hurts you, retaliation isn’t going to help. Do not harm, but take no shit. You’re allowed to defend yourself but to blatantly set out to hurt someone is such a sad thing. It truly is always possible to be kind. Compliment people, compliment yourself. People do forget to be kind to themselves. Hating your body or your hair or your clothes doesn’t benefit you. Don’t let the world make you cruel, don’t let circumstances out of your control make you hard. Be soft, be loving, accept people for who they are. If you don’t like someone instead of hurting them for no reason, remove them from your life. Move on. Leave them behind. If someone is hurting you and showing you no kindness, let them go. You’re allowed to be happy, to be kind, to be able to show love. Spread kindness and positivity. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 


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