How To: Having a Great Monday!

Monday’s can be pretty hard for most people. You have a great weekend free of work responsibilities, you go out to dinner with a friend, you indulge in a Netflix binge with your significant other. The weekends are undoubtedly one of the most fun times for most people. You read that right, MOST people enjoy the weekends because some people believe it or not actually have to work on those most wondrous of days. Some people have to work for weeks at a time. So, today I’m going to tell you how I personally have a great Monday, every Monday. Monday’s are the beginning of a new week. A fresh start, even though you don’t need a Monday as an excuse for a fresh start, it’s still welcome. Most people hate Mondays because it’s the beginning of the work week, school week, etc but Mondays are actually great! You get to start your week off, you get to make money to feed yourself, you get to go to school to educate yourself further. Work and school are HARD but the opportunity to do so is so worthwhile! I wake up every Monday grateful. Being grateful is something I’ve come to notice is highly taken for granted. There are people who seem like they have the most perfect life who are falling apart internally. I’m grateful for my health, mental and physical and to be happy in life. I wake up on Mondays and respect my body. So many people think “if I skip breakfast I’ll lose weight,” “if I don’t eat lunch I’ll be fine,” and that’s not the case. Respect your body and your needs and it will respect you back. The most important thing for me on a Monday is treating myself. Monday’s can be hard so if I want a pizza or a bubble bath or have a $5 latte, I let myself have it circumstances permitting. To successful have a good Monday, wake up knowing you’re worth it, you’re going to start the week off on a good note and it’s not so bad. Monday’s are a time to refresh, recharge, and restart. Welcome Monday with positive thoughts and open arms. Always look for the good in every day. You have one life, don’t waste it hating Monday.



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