Happy 2017!! New year, SAME ME, new goals! There’s a lot I’m hoping will happen in 2017; but the most important thing is I want all of you guys to be happy!! 2017 is going to have ups and downs because that’s just life. It’s another year and exciting things are bound to happen! 2016, for a majority of people, was less than desirable. Don’t let that ruin your 2017. 
2017 is going to be a year to put out good vibes, love people as they are, encourage your family and your friends. Push yourself. Work towards achieving your goals. Spend time with yourself and with other people. Don’t talk negatively about people just to talk. Move away from things that no longer benefit you. Let’s not worry about how many likes we get on a photo or how many followers we have on social media. That’s not real life. Let’s all learn to love ourselves! Let’s learn to accept our insecurities. You have one life to live and you’re not promised tomorrow. Don’t spend your energy on things that do not matter. You’re awesome and you’re perfect without having 10,000 likes on a photo on Instagram or 5,000 friends on Facebook. That doesn’t determine who you are as a person. 2017 is going to be a year that needs all the love and positive energy the world has to offer. Be a ray of sunshine in an often to dark world. Let 2017 be a year of hope; don’t plan for the worst. Plan for the best. Plan for love, for happiness, for light. I hope you have a happy, blessed, and healthy 2017!!


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