Mouthy Monday  #1

I don’t really have anything going on today to blog about; I think I’m getting an idea of where I want to take this blog for 2017. I do know I want to start a series called Monday Messages. I’ll discuss my weekend or my plans for the day, or just my life in general. I know this year I want to dedicate more of my time to this blog. This year is about bettering myself for myself, which includes this blog because it has become a part of me. Whether it be writing a short post ,such as this one, or a long story time post ,or even a how I _____. This blog is going to become somewhat of an online journal for me to share with you. I want it to be fun and engaging. I want people to feel like if they need someone to talk to they can come to me and I want this blog to be a safe place. The goal is simple, dedicate time to this blog. There are other goals I have for 2017 that I’ll probably make a separate post for. Today’s been a super kicked back Monday and now it’s time to get back into the flow of things and out of the laziness of holiday mode, unfortunately. I hope everyone’s had a great day!!


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