Why I Make Lists

If you know me, you know I am a lister. I love making lists. Being able to see things either written or typed out is the way I live my life. There are a lot of different reasons I choose to make lists. I LOVE buying stationary. Pens, pencils, notebooks, planners, I love it all. The biggest reason I make lists is incredibly simple. I like it.  I told you it was simple, right? There are a few more reasons I’d like to tell you about outside of that.My handy dandy notebook, PLEASE let me know if you get that reference in the comments, is my lifeline.

I make multiple kinds of lists from to do > grocery > things I don’t need but want and even places I want to travel. The best thing about a to-do list for me is I feel a much stronger commitment to finish the tasks I’ve written down. My brain says, “hey Dylan, you wrote that down, don’t you want to be able to cross it out? You know you can’t if you don’t do it.” So me being me, I absolutely must finish the things on my to-do list so I can have the satisfaction of getting to mark it out. Here’s an example of one of my to-do lists.

I like cooking which means I need groceries from time to time. I would personally like to give a standing ovation to anyone who can go to the grocery store sans list and remember everything they need to buy. I can go in for almond milk and Oreos and come out with everything but that if I don’t have a grocery list on hand. I love being able to physically write down and see what I need to buy in the grocery store and the best thing is IF you will stick to your list it’ll save you so much money because you aren’t buying things that aren’t necessary.

This is a pretty typical grocery list for me and I don’t go in the store buying things I already have at home or things I don’t need because I’m able to see exactly what I want to buy because I have a list!

I get a rush from making lists of things I don’t necessarily need but want to have.

A “want” list, such as the one above, is probably my favorite kind to make and yes sometimes I do make mistakes I have to mark out. The joys of writing on real paper. The joys of writing these kinds of lists are simple, you get to take the time do something for yourself. You do not need a certain reason to want something. Anyone who tries to make you feel guilty for simply wanting doesn’t understand human nature. We all want from time to time. I love making lists of things I want because I can put a private island on my list but that doesn’t mean I’m going to buy one. I also love when I online shop and add it to a list. A lot of times I’ll be browsing online and see something and if I don’t write it down I won’t even remember it, which is probably a good thing so I don’t spend unnecessary money! These lists are meant to be fun. To take you away from the reality of life for a little bit because we have bills to pay and families to feed.

Making lists helps me stay organized and on track but they also give me an escape and with the world full of technology they’re helping me keep up with the ability to write, not very neatly as we can all tell 🙂 I hope this has helped encouraged you in some way to start making lists or simply gave you a little break from your day. Let me know in the comments what kind of lists you enjoy making!


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