Reading Goals: 2017

This blog post is going to be short and simple. I want to read MORE in 2017 and by typing it that means I have to do it, right? Reading is a great way to get you off of your phone and out of your headspace. DO NOT LET PEOPLE MAKE YOU FEEL BAD FOR ENJOYING BOOKS. Reading has so many benefits that I would like to discuss. First, reading is FUN. There’s truly not a person who doesn’t like reading. You may think you don’t and ,I PROMISE, it’s just because you haven’t found the right book or you may just need an audiobook! Audiobooks are great for anyone who doesn’t want to physically read a book and would rather be read to. Secondly, you will ,without a doubt, expand your vocabulary by reading more. And who doesn’t want an extensive vocabulary to show off? Books will take you to a different world with a number of genres you can choose from. Fantasy, historical fiction, autobiographies, and young adult are just a FEW of your options. Another great thing is reading a book/book series that is being turned into a movie or tv show is knowing what will happen and if it’s worth watching ,or not. Some examples of this are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Game of Thrones. I’m not asking you to read a lot but I am asking you pick up at least one book every month, even if it’s a reread. Reading is becoming so archaic and I want to do my best to help keep it going. I’ve been an awful reader the past few years but I fully intend on turning that around for 2017. I’m going to read AT LEAST two books a month throughout the year. They don’t have to be long books either. You can even read books on your phone if you feel you can’t be without it. The kindle app is super awesome!! Follow me on Goodreads and see if I’m keeping my promise like I know I will!! Lastly, if you would like some suggestions for books to read I recommend the following: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Looking for Alaska by John Green, Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower to help you get you started! I will definitely have more blog posts that are more in depth on this topic in the future. I hope you enjoyed. Leave me what you’re reading down in the comment below! I love getting new suggestions and being able to discuss books with people; which is another great benefit of reading!


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