Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. And I personally think it’s a concept we should all practice in our daily lives and many people tend to let slip through the cracks. I want to start a category where I can share the things I’m grateful for and maybe even you can submit things to the blog you’re grateful for too! 

Gratitude is hard to have when you feel like everything is falling apart but it’s something we need to make a conscious effort to chase down every day. How many times have we been told by someone everything happens for a reason? That applies to gratitude, being grateful for “bad” moments because they’re leading to something better or teaching you a lesson. Many people will disregard that everything happens for a reason but I personally like to believe it because why not have something good to believe in? Don’t dig too deep for why it happens because it might not be explainable in words. Being grateful for the bad moments makes the good moments so much more exciting. If you can be grateful in the storm, then the sunshine will be so much brighter. Life is hard, I’m not going to lie to you. Sometimes things happen you don’t expect like having to quit school, getting fired from your job, losing a friend, and even losing a loved one. In those moments if you can find gratitude you’re going to be able to get through them so much easier. Be grateful you got to have the experience of going to work or school or be grateful that the person in your life was a part of your life because at one point or another you did want them to.Instead of regretting these things or being sad or angry about them, be grateful for them. It will be moments like these that test you and everything you’re made of. I’m here to tell you these are tests you can and will pass. Being grateful isn’t mandatory, but it is helpful. The things you aren’t grateful for someone else would be, but please understand I’m not lessing your pains if you’re praying for things other people have. Everyone has their own demons and no one is allowed to tell you that you have a perfect life just because they see the exterior. I understand you may have food and someone else doesn’t but you’re in an unhappy home to get that food. All I’m asking is for you to take a simple moment to acknowledge that you are fortunate in some way, even in the darkest moments. Just like someone else needs to acknowledge they have a happy home even if they don’t have everything they want. Gratitude is simple. You can be just as grateful for a backpack from a thrift store as you are for a backpack from Gucci. Today I am grateful for you, this blog that I have the opportunity to state my opinions on, the family and friends I’ve been so blessed with, and so so much more. Find simple things to be grateful for. Make a gratitude list every day of things that do make you happy so you have a reason to get out of bed. Be grateful you got to wake up, and can see and can read and can breathe. Think about people who don’t have these luxuries. I’m grateful for my struggles because I will find strength in them just as you can in yours. If you can’t find anything to be grateful for today, try again tomorrow. If you’re putting in the effort you will eventually find something to be grateful for. I promise. If someone holds the door open for you, say thank you. That’s showing gratitude. If someone compliments you, compliment them back. Show kindness. Appreciate the things people do for you and appreciate the things you do for yourself as well. Gratitude is an attitude 🙂


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