Mouthy Monday #3

It’s the start of a new work week for most of us. People tend to dread this day so much, and I can understand why but I also shared why I don’t. If you do, I hope you end up having a great day or you can make today a great day. Smile at a stranger, pay it forward if you can, or just pick up after yourself at home. I like to start my day with a to-do list and a gratitude list. Then I put on some music on my echo dot and start my day. I LOVE getting on Pinterest and looking through uplifting and positive quotes. Every Monday I’m planning on sharing a new one on my blog that I hope will help uplift you too. Monday’s blog posts are mostly going to be me just talking like we were in person chatting over coffee. No specific topic. Do you guys like these kinds of posts where it’s just me being mouthy, chatty, whatever word you may want to use. I’ve been making random lists more lately. Places I want to travel, books I want to read, recipes to try. I personally love to cook when I have the opportunity. Honestly, my most dreamed about destination is New York, Manhattan to be a little more exact. It’s really exhilarating to think about a big city when you were raised in a small town of Louisiana and your graduating class was a total of 44 people, including yourself. e3ff90eab0fc164895bb34eb5222c01a

Am I the only homebody who has an adventurous soul? I love spending time at home watching Netflix and hanging out with my dog as well as surfing the web. I have dreams of waking up one day and walking out my door into big signs and city streets and coffee shops, your typical movie type life not the real city with potholes and smog and angry residents LOL. The thing about wanting to move and start a new life is simple, it gives me a reason to get up and try hard every day. I have a goal to work towards, something I want to accomplish. Where I’ve grown up, it’s an hour to the closest Starbucks. I feel like this post is becoming to topic focused but I just want to say have a dream, a big dream, something almost impossible and work for it every day. And then make a new one. Never give up. If today is a hard work day make it your goal to make tomorrow better. You can achieve anything you put your mind to, not matter what that may be. Don’t let people tell you no. You choose your destiny, you choose your life, and you choose your happiness. I hope you have a great Monday and are encouraged to do a little more. Make sure to smile, you never know who is in need of it 🙂


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