Societal Pressures

We all want to be liked, in some way, by someone. It’s human nature. The problem with our innate need to be liked leads to society telling you how you should live, act, what to wear, what overpriced technology you should own; and even what you should be eating. Maybe I’m speaking for just myself, you may not have the need to be liked. I personally have fallen victim many times and still do to the pressure of society to fit into a certain mold. But WE SHOULDN’T. No one should feel less than due to expectations from someone else. Have you ever been browsing social media and see an article title such as “5 iPhone accessories you must have,” or “This Weeks 10 Best Celebrity Looks” and you feel like you need to have those things too? Typically, if someone in a position of power or with a large platform has or promotes something, we think we should have it. I know if I see a celebrity with the newest iPhone I NEED it; even when there isn’t anything wrong with mine. Adidas got super popular due to celebrities and people in the fashion industry. Guess who owns more Adidas than they need? Me. The thing I’m trying to teach myself now is your worth isn’t determined by keeping up with the latest trends. Society will ALWAYS tell you there’s something new every day. You’ll never be able to keep up. Society doesn’t pay your bills, you do. Society doesn’t have to make you happy, you do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not worthy due to not following the latest trends. People get into debt because they follow trends till death. Trends are okay, and following society IS OKAY. Until you let it determine your value, your worth, and your happiness. Your phone is fine if it’s working and not broken. Your wardrobe can be JUST as nice without costing an obscene amount of money for a logo. You don’t need to spend $3,000 on an accessory that will go out of style in a season. Invest your money in you and items that will have longevity. Invest in your happiness. Society teaches a lot of things, but self-love is not one of them. Society can’t give you confidence. When you have that new pair of boots or the pants you can’t afford you may feel better for the moment, but as soon as they go out of style you’ll be right back in the same situation. Society can’t make you accept yourself. Joining the latest social media site will not give you the happiness you seek. No amount of likes or followers will give you true validation. For example, people may say I’m not a good blogger because I don’t have tons of readers; BUT I am HAPPY with the content I put out, regardless of having a “following” like society says I need to be successful. Society says you should be married, have kids, and never have any problems. Every relationship should be “relationship goals”.  THAT IS NOT REAL LIFE. If you fight with your significant other but can work through it then that is TRUE goals. If you can be happy without children, good. That is your decision to live without children and yours alone. Remind yourself, your family, and your friends that they’re loved without following these “trends.” Make a change today. Make your thoughts louder than the screams of what you SHOULD have, or what you SHOULD be doing. The most important thing in this world is being a good person and being good to other people. It is not the newest iPhone or Gucci slippers. Learn that the person who writes a magazine title is not the person in your head. I’m still learning it; it’s a process for us. I hope one day we all realize societal pressures are real, but we don’t have to accept them.



  1. So agree on this. My sister thinks it’s all a race to compete with me and her friends.

    Personally I couldn’t give a hoot about what happened with the Kardashians or what false news story that’s now out.

    I am me – one of a kind and don’t have a superiority complex.

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  2. AGREE!!! whole heartedly. This has been so many times a topic to discuss with my family and friend. Once you get rid of that pressure then you are a happy person! No doubt true.
    Great article
    Martina Kara

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