Top 10 Products for Men: Sephora

Today is the day where I embarrassingly share my Sephora basket with you. The item range anywhere from skincare to cologne. I love Sephora, they care incredibly good products. Sometimes they have a miss, no store is perfect. The items I have today are definitely a bit pricey. I am someone who has and still continues to struggle with my skin. Also, I have learned your skin is something you should 100% invest in. I have personally come to accept the flaws with my skin and that I am human. I get breakouts, I get oily, I get dry. I am going to continue to try my best to take care of my skin, but I will not let it define me. If you have grown a beard, this post has something for you too! I think I have included things everyone can incorporate into their daily lives. Most of these products are targeted to sell to men such as myself but if you are not that is totally fine! You can use these products too or if you feel more comfortable you can find alternatives you will be happy with!! I hope you enjoy. Leave me what you’re currently coveting in the comments. I love online browsing for new products! That is in fact how I found all these 🙂 Just a disclaimer this is NOT a sponsored post and the photos came from Sephora’s website but if anyone from Sephora is reading this and wants to sponsor me LEMME KNOW! Hahaha

Clarisonic Mia 2 $169

Mia 2.jpg
This Clarisonic is the perfect size to not take up to much space. My favorite part of facial brushes is how much cleaner my skin feels after using. I’m someone who is continuously combating acne, even at the age of 25, and this product is just something I NEED to get my hands on.
Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser  $30

I have tried multiple different cleansers since I started using them at the age of 13 and I have found a few that I like. I have seen this Boscia black cleanser floating around social media, as well as their black peel off mask, and I am just dying to see if the hype is worth it or not.
Jack Black Double-Duty Moisturizer with SPF 20 $28

I used to be someone who REFUSED to put on a moisturizer. Little did I know how desperate my skin was for it. Keeping your skin well hydrated is an incredibly important aspect of skin care and something you definitely should not skip. The best part of this one is that it already has SPF in it so you don’t have to add anything extra!
Jack Black Bump Fix™ Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Solution $25

This is a genuine MUST TRY for me. Every single time I shave I end up with razor burn. I have tried many many different things to try and combat the unsightly red bumps and burning I get post shave and nothing seems to work. I hope when I get my hands on this it will help out with that.
GlamGlow Supermud Clearing TreatmentGlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment $69

How many of us have been scrolling Instagram and seen at least one person wearing a glamglow mask? Am I alone on that because I follow so many influencers? I NEED NEED NEED to get this mask in my possession. I expect a lot from a mask that cost $70. I expect my skin to look baby fresh for that price. Mudmasks have always been good to me in the past so I have high hopes for this one.
Origins Super Spot Remover $16

I frequently will wake up on a day where I am leaving my house and am I am interacting with other people and I have a spot. This spot remover has salicylic acid wth helps treat acne. This is great when you just have a spot or two you want to treat and do not have time for a full skin care rundown.
The Art of Shaving 4 Piece Starter Kit $30

This kit just looks cool. It has an old school style brush in it. As you can see in the photo you get the brush, pre-shave oil and after-shave balm as well as a shaving cream. This kit has everything you need to get a good shave in it. For $30 I feel like it is at least worth a try and if it does not work at least you have some cool,hipster decor to display.
The Art of Shaving Beard Conditioner $18

I have a beard. My beard gets super dry. This conditioner is here to save the day for me, I hope.
Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme $68

What else can I say besides I have smelled this in store and it is a dream in a bottle.
Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme $70

Please please please, if you have a Sephora or Ulta or any store that carries this cologne in-store GO SMELL IT. It is life changing. It is one of the best colognes I have ever smelled. This will definitely be a purchase I make in the near future. No doubt.

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