What’s In My Bag: Men’s Edition

Hey guys! Today I’m going to do an incredibly simple post I have seen float all around the internet anywhere from blogs to youtube and back again and I thought it would be fun to do! I’m adding links to everything I have in this blog post so if you’re interested in purchasing anything you can go directly to it!! To some people, the things I like to have with my from day to day may not be what you want to have with you from day to day. The best thing about posts like these are we can all see how individual we are 🙂 I love seeing what other people carry around with them and that was the reason I wanted to have my own post out all about this! Please leave me links to your posts/videos in the comments below or just tell me what you like to carry with you! Also, these items are in no particular order of how much I like them, or most used. These are just the products I can not live without day to day, even if they are not used every I still like to have them. Some of the items range from fairly cheap to a bit on the pricier side. I hope you enjoy this post and like it as much as I do. All links and photos are clickable to take you directly to the product or what I could find that was similar. *disclaimer* all photos belong to me and this is not a sponsored post. I just genuinely wanted to share what I have with me.

First, I have my kindle. I love this bad boy for the simple fact it doubles as a tablet and an e-reader. You never know when you are going to be stuck at a boring appointment and need to kill some time. Most places these days have some form of free wifi so I can browse the internet and read blog posts and watch youtube videos. Kindles are a great way to have a wide variety of books with you when you do not have wifi and do not want to lug around 15 different books in your bag. This specific one also comes in multiple colors. You can buy your own here.
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My polaroid goes with me everywhere. I love to take photos with this. You get an instant wallet-sized photo to hold as soon as you click the button. Not only do you get to capture a memory on film and have it forever, you always can always be super trendy because these cameras are gaining more and more popularity daily! Buy yours here.

My fossil watch was a recent gift from my dad. I like this particular one because when I am not living in my Adidas sweatpants and a t-shirt, I can wear pair this watch with a nicer outfit. Watches are something I have always enjoyed owning and this one is great because of the large face and neutral color. If you would like you can buy it here.

My FitBit Charge 2 was a gift from my mother for Christmas! I love this watch because it is a pedometer, watch, workout buddy, and motivator. Also, I did not have to spend all that money on an Apple Watch because this does just about everything an Apple Watch can do except respond to text messages, but you can read them on here! I highly suggest looking into one here.

My laptop. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If I need to work on a blog post or watch Netflix, this is where I do it at. Mine is a bit old as I received it almost two years ago but you can purchase your own here. I highly suggest this laptop as it has been incredibly good to me over the years.
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Headphones are a must. Who does not love listening to music? I am a music junkie, I listen to it all day, every day. I even wrote a post here about my Spotify playlist if you are interested. Buy these exact headphones hereProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I always like to have a real book with me. If my kindle dies I do not want to be out of luck for reading material. I love horror novels and this specific book TERRIFIED me as a kid. I used to always check out the scary story novels from my school library and when I got this one I was ecstatic. My favorite was always the one about the hook hand, do you remember that one?? Buy your own copy here!

I love stylus, I love pens. This a combination of the two of them. This one is just more a fun thing that something I HAVE to have, even though I never leave without it. If you are looking for a fun, cheap little toy for your phone I can say this is the way to go. Get it here

A final look at my day to day necessities. 


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