Mouthy Monday #6: How Social Media Can Be Misleading

Monday, yay! Today is going to be a good day. If you are reading this, tell yourself over and over and over it is going to be a good day. You have the power to choose if it is going to be good or bad. You may not be able to control a situation, but you have the full power to control how it effects you. I know we all love social media, it helps us get through the day by tweeting and instagramming and facebooking but today I want to talk about how social media is not always as it appears.

It is so easy to get caught up in the glamor of what we see online. The biggest thing I think people tend to forget is that we all choose to show the best parts of our lives on social media. Sharing the hard moments, the sad moments, and extremely personal moments is not something many people tend to do. By sharing the best and happiest moments on social media people get this idea that social media “stars” are not normal people. Even you and your friends do not share the bad moments on social media. When you see someone with a perfect Instagram feed, which I have yet to get the hang of, posting the most amazing places on their snapchat, even posting about a dream trip they took and posted on a blog it is easy to assume that person has a perfect life. The fact of the matter is, no one has a perfect life. You can edit your online presence to show exactly what you want people to see. I am someone who used to compare myself to people with hundreds, thousands, and millions of followers. I have learned the quote “comparison is the thief of joy” is so true. People have problems in their lives. People have bad Mondays, people lose loved ones, people fight with their friends and no amount of followers or “perfection” on social media is going to change that. When you see something online remember that person chose to show you that. I love showing off what I think are my best selfies, purchases I enjoy, and days out with friends but remember you do not know what people had to do to get those things. With all the apps for editing your photos, the ability to snap a photo at any given, and the willingness of most people to take part in your shenanigans it is easy to look idealistic on social media. The point of this post is mostly just a reminder that life is not as perfect as it seems. I see a lot of people comment really negative things on other people’s social media platforms for no reason. Cyberbulling is cyberbullying whether someone has five followers or five million. Remember, be kind to everyone. Do not compare your life to what you see on social media. Instagram, Facebook, these different ways to share things are awesome but do not let what you see control you. Social media is incredibly misleading for the simple fact someone can look happy in a photo they share with you and be crying as they are posting it because someone made a rude remark. Remember to use your platforms wisely. Spread kindness, love, and fight for what you believe in but do your research, remember it is JUST social media so do not take it so seriously. Think before you leave a rude comment. You never know what anyone could be going through. I hope you have a great Monday and this post helped you in some way!



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