3 Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!! For a lot of us, that means we will be exchanging gifts with our significant other and going on dates. Many people get upset or sad around Valentine’s Day because they do not have a “special someone” in their lives but that does not have to stop you from celebrating! You can take yourself on a date, you can go out with your friends, or with you can celebrate with family. Valentine’s Day to me is about love and I definitely love a lot of people! I am going to share what I think are some really great date ideas whether it be with your special someone or with your friends! First and foremost, anything you plan to do with another person should be a combination of everyone’s likes. A lot of people have this idea that they have to do just what the other person enjoys but it will not be fun for anyone if you are not enjoying the activity you planned, they will pick up on your negative vibes. I am a very big believer that everyone can have a good time with a little bit of compromise. Do not let anyone tell you that you can not compromise. Show someone you care and vice versa by compromising. Now, on to the good stuff!

My first idea, since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, is super simple and a date for anytime really. Cook a nice dinner together at home. Go the day before together and pick out everything you want. Have an appetizer, a main course, and a desert if you want! Spending time in the kitchen together is one of the best things. You get to put your teamwork skills together and have a great meal everyone loves! After you have eaten you can always throw a movie on Netflix or find a show. I think everyone should try movies they would not normally watch and see where it takes you.

My second idea is for those who feel like going out for Valentine’s Day. I will not say go to the typical dinner and movie date for this occasion. I think if you can, make a picnic. Go somewhere and have that picnic. I think it is so fun to just sit and talk in a beautiful setting. Valentines Day is not about the amount of money you spend, it is about the time and effort put into the ideas. Spending time with people is more valuable than anything else. Sitting on a blanket, enjoying finger foods and just talking even if it is in your backyard is so fun.

My third and last date idea are for friends more than a couple. Call your friends or group text them and decide first whose house you want to all meet at. Then have a game night! You can play board games, video games, card games. You can even make up a game and teach it to everyone. Who does not love a good game night? If you want, you can suggest everyone bringing a different dish and you can have a potluck to go with game night. Also, you can not forget to grab a bottle or two of everyone’s favorite drink! Games, food, and fun with friends is a perfect way to spend Valentines Day in my eyes!!

I hope these have helped you out some and gave you an idea of what you want to do. Also, remember even if you do not anyone to go out with you can take yourself out! Get all dressed up and go to dinner, a movie, or cook your favorite meal! Read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie. Valentine’s Day is all about love, and self-love is the BEST kind of love!


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