Learning To Enjoy Your Time Alone

It is that time of the week again. Friday is here! I know many of us are excited to begin our weekend after a week of hard work. If Friday does not start your weekend, I hope when your weekend comes it is just as good as anyone else’s weekend! A lot of us forget just because it is the “weekend” not everyone is off work. Some people choose to work weekends and some are required. The weekends are incredibly busy in public places such as restaurants, movie theaters, and malls. Remember to be nice to people working and have patience because you never know what a person is going through. This weekend I plan on reading and surfing social media. I am also going to watch a few of my favorite movies too.
I just want to wish you a happy weekend. I know the weekends are hard for some people. I know people can get a sense of loneliness on the weekends because they are not going out and doing things like they see other people doing. I am here to say you do not have to go out every weekend, or any weekend for that matter, to have a good time. I think it is important for people to learn to be comfortable by themselves. We live in a world where if you are not going what a magazine title tells you to go or what you see a celebrity doing, such as being out to dinner or with a big group of people, then you are not living your life “right.” Learn to be alone, learn what you like to do by yourself. There will always come a time when you alone. Being alone is okay. People are not the source of your happiness. I am learning that every day still. I know it is SO fun to make plans with people and be included in activities and it definitely does hurt when you feel like you are consistently put off the to the side. These feelings of sadness are where finding what you like to do alone comes into play. Some of my favorite activities that I can only do alone are reading, writing blog posts, and organizing my space. I know those are things I could do with other people around but I am easily distracted, so when I am alone I can do these things. I enjoy doing these things alone.I know these activities may not appeal to everyone but anything you can do with another person, you can do alone. Go for a walk, take yourself to a movie or to dinner. Society has warped our minds, in my opinion, that there is something wrong with us if we do things alone. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself first, loving to be by yourself a lot, and enjoying it. Speaking from experience, I was always the guy who HAD to have plans on the weekend. I had to be hanging out with someone, going somewhere, I just had to be with other people. That is fine if you want to do that but I realized one day that these people would not always be available to hang out with 24/7. When you are young you usually do not have as much responsibility as when you get older so it is easy to constantly be with friends. I had to start to teach myself it was okay to be alone most the time as I got older and realized we get busy as adults, now I love being by myself. Once you accept the fact that there is no problem in enjoying the quiet moments of your life, it will be much easier to live. I know this is rambly and probably a bit repetitive but I just want everyone in the world to know it is okay to be by yourself. There is nothing wrong with you because you like spending time alone.  I love going to the grocery store with my friends but I can also be just as happy when I go alone. There are people who prefer to be alone and if you have a friend or family member like that, ask them for advice on being alone. I am sure they will give a plethora of advice, even more that I can. I hope you have a great weekend!! Whether you be with friends, friends or alone just know that you are loved, even when you are not surrounded by a group of people. Always remember that!



  1. I use weekends to catch up on a bazillion things around the home and online but also love to carve out that little time to read some and then there are those reality shows that I just have to catch up on!

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  2. So true! We all need to remember that it’s important to treat everyone with kindness and have the patience to support one another even when it may not be your day as well.

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