Actions Speak Louder

Hey y’all! How are you doing?! There is something I want to talk about today that I can not seem to figure out. I was having a conversation with a very close friend of mine and she was telling me a story about a person she knows who was going through a hard time. The friend going through a hard time was dealing with a person who wanted to be back and forth within their life. On one side was a person who was willing to give all the attention, time, and dedication and on the other was a person who could not care less. So I began to think to myself, why do we continue to let people into our lives after they have shown us their true intentions? This can be about relationships, friendships, and even your family for starters. People are fickle. A lot of people like to have you in their life as long as you are serving them in some way and once you have met their needs they move on. So, after they move on why do we continue to chase them? The answer is really quite simple. We get attached to people and do not want to lose them, even when they wrong us. Have you ever been in this situation? I know I have.
You have to respect yourself enough to know that when people’s actions show you that they do not care you have to walk away. Stop letting people continually hurt you, you are worth more than someone who does not care. When you can see that someone does not care, do WHATEVER you have to do and move on. You have to remind yourself there are so many people out there who do want to give you their time and their attention. The world is full of unique individuals who will respect you and show you what you deserve. Loyal people do exist and it is up to you to leave the others behind. Do not let someone make you an option in their life when you make them a priority. You are a priority and YOU have to treat yourself like one and STOP LETTING PEOPLE WALK ALL OVER YOU. I do not care if your best friend, your sister, or your significant other is doing it, YOU have to stand up for YOU. Do not depend on other people to respect you if you can not respect yourself. Your feelings are valid. You are valid. You are worth more than people who want to use you. I know it is easy to get caught up in wanting to please people. 

Making everyone happy all the time is impossible and no one should expect that from anyone. Human beings are flawed, although some will not admit to it, those are the people who expect everything without giving anything. Life is all about give and take. If you give your time, attention and emotions to someone you are entitled to get that back from them to an extent. Life happens and sometimes people go through their own problems and can not give you what you need, SOMETIMES not all the time. Respect people’s problems but DO NOT take advantage of someone. If you want a good relationship with anyone you have to communicate. No one can read your mind and if you want back what you feel you are giving you have to say so. True intentions will show by actions, not by words. After you have communicated to the best of your ability with no results, let people go. We want to overlook people’s actions because we care about them so deeply but if they do not care and show you they do not, MOVE ON. So to answer the question of “why do we continue to let people into our lives after they have shown us their true intentions,” I will end with this, we expect what we give. Unfortunately, you can not depend on people being like you. Know when to walk away, know that you deserve as much love and respect as anyone else.




  1. Very interesting post. I’ve been in a similar situation, the things is to choose wisely and to not let that kind of people take advantage of our kindness. That’s what I did and it worked.

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  2. As you age, you really do start to dwindle your relationships down to those that really matter. I for one don’t give any more energy into a relationship if I do not receive what I need back. It definitely needs to be reciprocated or else you need to move on. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. This is a very timely read for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have had to let go of friends that I’ve know for years (we’re talking 20 years here), even if it was hard and painful. Of course, it’s sad, but there is really no point in holding on to people that are no longer good for you. I think your title is spot on. Anyone can tell you “I’ll be there for you,” but if they are put in a situation where they have to prove this, will their actions speak louder than their words? Great post!

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  4. These are good tips to live by, too many people take advantage and don’t return they care they are given. Also, helpful hint – this would be a lot easier to read and get more views if you break it up into several smaller paragraphs and add headings! ๐Ÿ™‚

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