Top 5 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Facebook is a super popular platform, right? Did you know Facebook has a section called groups where you can join other like minded people in subjects you enjoy? You can even make your own group! Well if you did not know, NOW YOU DO! The best groups I have come across are the ones geared directly towards bloggers. Facebook has groups for bloggers that have a specific niche, blog groups to help you grow your engagment on social media or just your blog in general, and my personal favorite groups are the ones that help you do it all! Today I am going to share my five favorite facebook groups for bloggers and the ones I would suggest you joining. Keep in mind there are probably a million other blogger groups out there to join and these are just my personal favorites as of now. Please leave any other groups you know about in the comment section below. I would love to make more connections with other bloggers and continue to grow with other groups! 

The Blogging Community

This is my personal blog group that I admin. I love to get new memembers and I am trying to form a great community of bloggers where we have daily threads to help boost your engagement on social media as well as on your blog(s). We accept everyone with kindness and althought this is a new group I would love to have you as a part of it! We have threads that consist of following on social media to commenting on blog posts and starting soon there will be a thread to help you gain blog subscriptions. The threads in this group are monintored to ensure everyone is following the rules and you do not end up following a ton of people with no reciprocation. I want this group to help EVERYONE grow. I hope you decide to join this group if you have not already!

The Blog Loft

This facebook group has almost 9,000 members. There are threads you can particpate in and also a multitude of bloggers to help you with questions you may have. This is not a group for self promotion at any time which is good so you can avoid groups with a lot of spammers. Overall this is a great Facebook group to join and I highly suggest it!


Blogger Social Media Engagement Group

This Facebook group was the first one I ever joined. I have made friends in this group and it was part of the inspiration for this blog post. The admins of this group are some of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and are awesome about responding if you are having any type of problem. The admins are kind but do not let people get away with breaking the rules without consequences. This group is very understanding and has different types of threads everyday to interact with that help you grow in all way imaginable. Without this group I do not think my blog would be anything worth reading today. I definitely give this one a 5/5.

The Blogging Squad

Facebook group #4 is closing in on 5,000 memebers! This group has monthly follow threads on the 15th and direct link opportunities throughout the week. You can also ask questions on the group wall with people more than willing to help answer the questions you have. This is a great blogging group with admins who definitely do what they say and make sure the members of the group are following the rules. With such a large amount of memebers the admins of these type of groups have to be stern in order to keep the group functioning to the best of its ability. This group is definitely worth joining.

Blogging 101

Last but not least we have blogging 101. Another big blog group with almost 9,000 members. This group has daily threads, you can get some great feedback and one of the admins is a blog and social media strategist! You definitely can not ask for more. There are great threads in this one from social media shares to answering questions in a thread! You can find collaboration opportunities that could lead to furture opportunities for your blog! This is a fantastic blog group to join.

In conclusion, these are my top five favorite Facebook groups. You could probably turn this post into a drinking game and take a drink for every time I said Facebook group, and be drunk before you are done reading through the first few lines, LOL! Honestly, these groups are a great way to spread your blog around outside of other social platforms. Groups are full of like minded people doing the same thing you are doing and understand what blogging is like. Whether you use blogging as a form of income or just as a hobby, you should definitely look into these facebook groups. Explore other groups as well because as previously stated I am a memember of many different groups, these just happen to be my favorites and the ones I have found the most success with. I hope this helped you and you enjoyed reading it! Share this with your blogger friends and if the opportunity arises to share this in one of your groups please feel free to do so!



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