Mouthy Monday’s #9: Are You Stuck in The Box?


Wow, it has been a LONG time since I have put up a Mouthy Monday. Honestly, I have been struggling to write. Is bloggers block a thing? Can we pretend it is so I do not feel so guilty for running away from the blog?? I mean do not get me wrong, I have still been posting at least once a week on topics I have really been into but I have not posted on a Monday to just talk about random topics that may not be in correlation with what I usually put up on the blog. I never wanted to be the the blogger who niches down because I always felt I would be putting myself into a creative box if I say that I am only going to post about one main topic that I could possibly trickle down into smaller, related topics. I want to do it all.  I want everyone to be able to find content on my blog that they can relate with and find enjoyment in. I am pretty much thinking of becoming the next superman who eats tacos way too often to fit into that spandex suit but puts out consistent, entertaining content for EVERYONE. Today for Mouthy Monday’s I want to talk about how easy it is to put yourself in a box and why you should break out of it.

How We End Up in the Box

Today’s world makes it so easy for us to get locked into a certain mindset and live in it for the rest of our lives without every questioning what we are doing. Why is it that we feel the need to only enjoy certain things? I know a huge driving factor in people limiting themselves is fear of judgment. I have been in that situation myself and sometimes I still fall prey to it. We see what the masses are doing and participating in and we want to do that too. We want people to like us, it is human nature. When we like things that are “popular” or “trendy,” ya know the things you can use quotes around, we think we will get approval from our peers, LOL. Fear, judgment and a desire to fit in are all driving forces in the journey which end up with you being in “the box.”

What Is The Box?

To put it in the simplest terms, “the box” is a mindset that limits your enjoyment of life, makes you hold back on your creativity, and ultimately leaves you with a sense of longing. The box is something you feel knowing you want to do more with your life but being afraid that someone else will not understand why you want to do that. Maybe you want to wear a piece of clothing people do not wear often, maybe you want to listen to a band that is not popular anymore, you could even want to write a blog post but because you chose to pick a specific topic to blog about you feel like you can not post it. The box comes in all shapes and sizes and does not discriminate, every person whether they are working in a creative industry or at McDonalds can experience this. The hardest part of dealing with the box is recognizing when it is present. Once you learn to see it without seeing it then there will be no problem dealing with it!

How To Deal With and Exit The Box

I could easily leave this part blank. The complete truth is that the box is a daily struggle. Even when you feel like you have conquered it, it is BOUND to rear its ugly head again. You can enjoy ANYTHING you want to. If you love things that are popular with all your heart and it is not for other people then that is great BUT you are allowed to like ANYTHING in this world, regardless of how popular it is. You have to wake up every single day and remind yourself that your likes are valid. You do not need any reassurance to enjoy your hobbies. I know it is so hard to truly be who you want to be and face the judgment of the world. The most important thing you have to remember is that if someone is going to judge you for the things you like, that says more about their character than it does about yours. So, in conclusion, to deal with and exit the box you simply must remind yourself that you are valid, your likes and dislikes are valid, and you are ALLOWED to live for you. Exit the box, like what you like, and never let anyone dictate your life. You only get this one life to live and if you want to like things other people do not like, DO IT. You will never get this chance again. Life is beautiful and far too short to not enjoy it. Exit whatever YOUR own personal box is. This is the time and if you are waiting on a sign then this is it.





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