A Letter To The People Who Left

As humans, we all have experienced loss whether it was by choice or by fate. The Universe brings people we need into our lives for a reason. Unfortunately for us, we may never realize what the reason for leaving is. God, the Universe, the atoms that make up the earth, whatever you choose to believe in has given you exactly what you need. I know and somewhere deep down you know too that there IS a reason everyone who has entered your life, whether it be permanent or temporary, had a reason for doing so. This is for the people who were a part of my past but will not be a part of the future. Thank you for the role you played in my life. I did not know I needed you, but I am forever grateful for what you taught me. The most important thing you taught me is that I AM capable of making it without you and I am so much stronger than I ever imagined. 

Dear You,

Again I just want to say thank you. I can not believe I had the pleasure of meeting you and getting to spend any amount of time at all with you! I know a lot of people would probably write a really bitter, mad, letter but I am not that person. One of the biggest reasons I moved away from being that way was because of you. You helped me learn people will make mistakes and will hurt you but it will not be intentional. Also, you helped me understand that if it is intentional that it really does not have anything to do with me. People can be in your life for five minutes or five decades and you need each one of them at time but for a different reason. I learned to stop seeking these reasons and to accept that fact that my life will play out with the decisions I make. I am responsible for my life. Thanks for helping me get to that point, where I can fully accept the things in my life. 

We really had some crazy memories together! The memories we had as a team are things I will look back on and smile about fondly. You taught me there are genuine people out there who will care about you. The length of time that people will care is out of your control though. I have simply learned to grow from this and to appreciate each moment that much more. Life is so short and so sweet that you have to be thankful for every moment, good and bad. With you, I learned that the bad moments will make the good SO much better. At the risk of sounding like a fortune cookie, you can not have a rainbow without any rain. How many times have you read that quote? LOL. 

In the end, I wish you so much joy and so much happiness. One day someone will take my place in your life and yours in mine, but even after that happens I will always remember you and will always love you. People like you do not come around often and when they do, they leave a mark. I know it may be odd to some people that I write this letter in such a positive way but just because you left that does not mean I am going to be spiteful. I know I have hurt people and left too and now that is my weight to bear. So one final time, to anyone who left and anyone who will leave, thank you. I am stronger. I will survive. I am capable. 

All my love,




  1. I feel that’s so true – if someone does hurt you intentionally, it’s not about you. Such a positive way to work through saying goodbye.

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  2. One of the most powerful things that I have learned in my life is that you can and should curate the people in your life. We only have so much energy to give. I love your thoughts about being grateful for whatever that person has given you, even if they are no longer a part of your story. Great food for thought!

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  3. This is such a beautiful idea. Reminds me of the ‘Lovely Letters’ scheme – writing a lovely letter to a complete stranger. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. THis is beautiful. Perfectly captures some of the feelings and sentiment I have toward people who have”exited” my life. I’m not angry. I’m thankful for the role and the mark they left in my life. And I wish them the best as we both part ways and venture forward.

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