Social Media Influencers You Must Know

HAPPY MONDAY! If you are reading this the day after Easter Sunday then I hope you had the BEST Easter. Sunday’s for me, even without a holiday, are the days I really try to step back from social media. Sunday’s are generally reserved for the family in my life. What do you do on Sundays? Monday through Friday I am generally on social media probably 50-70% of my day. Knowing that information about me then it is easy to grasp that I have found A TON of people on social media from bloggers to YouTubers to Instagrammers that I have taken a liking to and I think you would enjoy as well. Today’s post will be relatively short as I want to you to be able to delve into people I enjoy so you and I can grow a stronger bond.  Below I am going to add screenshots and a little blurb about each person who has made my social media experience way more fun! 


Youtube is undoubtedly where I end up spending most of my social media time. I love youtube because I can get deeply involved or just put it on for background noise. Also, there is always something to watch on youtube, right?


Remi is a California native with the best vlog channel around. She takes you on her daily life so if you enjoy being nosey and getting to know people through their vlog channels then this is the one for you! Remi is one of the NICEST vloggers with the funniest personality I have had the pleasure of stumbling across. I have been subbed for about three years and I have yet to be disappointed.



When I first started watching youtube I was looking for book reviews. I did not know that there was an entire section of youtube, dubbed “booktube,” that existed dedicated to books. Regan was one of the first booktubers I started watching and her charisma is so enticing. Definitely a 10/10.



Shady is a youtube gamer. He posts videos daily, sometimes more than one, and they are always funny. If you want in-depth gaming as well as a laugh or two then this is the channel I would direct you to, hands down.



Nikkie is one of, if not the best, makeup gurus on youtube. She is consistent with her uploads, she has the MOST welcoming and loving personality, and she is a true artist. Watching her videos can instantly change my mood. Even if you do not have much interest in makeup, I would highly suggest checking her channel out.



Instagram has literally become an art form. I can spend hours just scrolling and finding new photos to like. Instagram can give me so much inspiration and I do not even realize it. These are my favorite Instagrammers.


a men’s fashion & lifestyle man. Honestly, there is not even much to say. Just look at that feed!


Mrs.Morgan Stewart, star of rich kids of Beverly Hills, is a fashion queen. She is so raw and organic to the point some people make think it is too much. The first time I saw Morgan on my tv I KNEW I would be following her social accounts to keep up and I have enjoyed it thus far. Funny, honest, and fashionable. Can you ask for more?


A lifestyle and makeup goddess. Kim is all about self-love and chasing your dreams. She has one of the prettiest Instagram feeds I have ever seen and she posts regularly. If you want a multitude of different posts this is the place to go. Kim is one of the most kind-hearted people on the internet today.


This account ran by Jilly Hendrix is one of the best examples of our society today. We are all a little selfie obsessed so Jilly took that and turned it into something amazing. Little notes she writes on her phone and shares with her followers of things a lot of us think but do not say out loud. If you need a good laugh, jump on over to this Instagram ASAP.


I am not going to say a lot about these bloggers, instead, I would LOVE for you to check out their blogs instead. I will say these blogs are my FAVORITES and the ones that I actively look forward to posts from.


Founded by Lo Bosworth, star of Laguna Beach and MTV’s The Hills. You will find recipes, fashion and places you MUST visit in NYC.


A husband and wife blogger duo that you DO NOT want to miss out on.


Fashion, fashion, did I mention fashion? Check out thechrisellefactor ASAP if that is your thing.


Men’s lifestyle blogger Ali Gordon has some of the best content in the world of competing bloggers. Geared towards men you will find something to enjoy on this blog.


This is my list. I love these social media influencers platforms. They seem incredibly genuine and engaged with their audiences. If anyone asked me for suggestions, these are the ones I would give. Also, do not forget to check out my social media channels if I am one of your favorites! LOL.


  1. OMG I thought i was the only one that does that. I always put youtube on for background noise!!! i just like having something playing at all times & i love videos!

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