Fitbit Charge 2 Review + Photos

Hey guys!! How is your day going? I hope it has been fantastic and if it has not I hope it only gets better from here. Today I’m going to review my Fitbit charge 2. I have had this watch since Christmas and I wanted to use it for a good amount of time before I wrote a full review on it. The Fitbit Charge 2 is $150 smart/fitness watch. Is it worth the hype? Is it worth the price? Should you invest your hard earned money into this product? Read more to find out! 

Why you should think about getting your own Charge 2

To save you the long drawn out process that I see in some reviews, I LOVE this watch. I think you should get your own for sure. With that being said, I am going to tell you exactly why I think you should. First off, this watch is only $150. In terms of smart watches and good quality workout trackers on the market, this one is worth every dollar you spend on it. This watch does not do everything like say an Apple watch but it is also a fraction of the cost. The fitbit charge 2 lets you read your texts messages on screen AND you can see who is calling when connected to bluetooth without ever having to touch your phone. This watch has a feature called relax that gives you a two-minute breathing exercise which honestly I have used far more than I thought I would. You can buy leather and silicone bands for this watch that come in different colors. Using the fitbit app you are able to change the clock face which is great for customizability! The only real problem I have with this watch, and it is not even really a problem, is that I can not directly respond to my text messages via my watch but with the price point of this watch I can not really complain. I have had this watch since Christmas and I can say I wear it almost every day. I even wear it to sleep due to its ability to track sleep patterns. I knew I wanted to start working towards a fitness “journey,” I wanted to live a healthier life and this watch has helped so much. Before I owned this watch I did not realize how much I did not move but now I can see my steps. I did not realize how rewarding it would be to meet a goal. Another feature of the charge 2 is being able to set a goal for how many steps you would like to be able to get in a day. I personally have changed mine from what the watch came as, which was 10,000. I definitely want to get there one day though! The fitbit app also has challenges you can partake in and you can add your other friends who have a fitbit! Overall, I think this watch was a great investment. You can wear it with almost every outfit, it is comfortable to wear, and with the ability to change bands you can wear it casually or a little more dressed up.

Pros of Fitbit Charge 2:

  • Affordable
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Step counter
  • Changeable clock face
  • Ability to read texts on screen and see who is calling
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Stopwatch
  • Battery percentage
  • Relax feature

Cons of Fitbit Charge 2:

  • Can not respond to texts, emails, etc.
  • Lack of band colors
  • One size only screen
  • Must be charged
  • Does not come with a wall adapter

Overall rating:

  • Wearability 5/5
  • Ease of use 4/5
  • Price point 4/5
  • Comfort 4.5/5

I approve the Fitbit Charge 2 and no, this was not paid for. LOL. I wish I had a sponsored post from fitbit. I really just love this watch and wanted to share it with you guys. If you have any addition questions you can email me @ or find me on my socials! I hope you have a great day!!




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