How To Have A Good Day: 15 Ways

WOOOOOOHOOOOO! You guys, IT IS MONDAY! If you are not a Monday kind of person then you probably want to ask me exactly what is wrong with me to be so excitable on a Monday. Honestly, Mondays are a chance for a new start. You are at the beginning of your week and you have so much to look forward to. On Mondays, instead of hoping for a good day, MAKE IT a good day. I am going to share fifteen different ways I have a good day, every day. The most important thing I can say about having a good day is that it is possible to have bad moments in a good day and that does not make it a bad day. Keep reading for my 15 tips and tricks for having a fantastic day!

1. DRINK WATER. I know you are probably thinking Dylan, what is water going to do for me? How will drinking water help me have a good day? Well, the answer to that is simple. Your body literally needs water to survive. Water increases your energy, helps get rid of the bad things in your body, and helps your skin plus so much more. Do not skip out on your water. I will put this in every blog post that relates to having a good day. Just try it, I promise you will see the benefits.

2. Listen to your favorite playlist. Make one full of songs that fill you with joy and that you love. Music is a tricky one though to be completely honest. Do not listen to songs that bring you down or have bad memories attached to them when you want to have a great day. I know it can be hard to avoid them so make sure your playlist is full of songs that make YOU feel good.

3. Read your favorite books or blogs. How fun is reading? Whether it be just a blog post of a few chapters of your favorite book, reading works your brain and it can take you out of reality for a little bit. I can say reading is one of my favorite activities and I believe everyone can enjoy it, just find what you like to read.

4. Take a walk. Get outside. Move your body. I know it can be hard sometimes to get out and move around especially if you have to work a 9 to 5 type job but you have to make time. Even if it is 10 or 20 minutes a day just get outside and get your body moving. You do not have to go do a full on cardio session at the gym. Walking is exercise is its simplest form. You want those endorphins to release right? Get your walk on ladies and gentlemen! You will thank me later.

5. Remind yourself you ARE doing your best. You are where you are meant to be. Continue to work toward your goals. People will try to tell you that you should be at a certain point but know that is not true. Each person has a different journey in this life and yours is specific to you so enjoy the process and know as long as you are doing your best that is all that matters.

6. Make a list of the things that make you happy. I am a sucker for a good list. Write down all the things that genuinely bring joy to your life. Your family, your pets, your friends. Anything that puts a smile on your face can go on a gratitude list. After you have written it out, look it and see everything that is good and rejoice in it.

7. Watch your favorite movie/tv show.  Let yourself be taken into a new world, a world you are not a part of but love. You love your favorites for a reason so watch them EVERY SINGLE DAY if it makes you feel better and lets you have the best day.

8. Journal. Get your feelings out. If something is bothering you, get it out on paper. Write all of your emotions down. Do not bottle up the feelings you have because they will eat at you. Write it down, acknowledge it, let it go.

9. Take random photos of things you enjoy, like the sunset or the flowers. You do not have to always take photos to share with others, have photos for you.

10. Eat GOOD foods but remember you are allowed to indulge on occasion.  Fruits and veggies are a must for a healthy life and you HAVE to eat foods that good for you like cucumbers and oranges but you are also allowed to eat an extra cookie and you do not have to feel bad about it.

11. Call someone you love. Remind them that you love them. Tomorrow is not promised.

12. Sing along to all your favorite songs, LOUDLY and UNASHAMEDLY.

13. Get up, get ready. If it means you have to get up a little early, do that. When you look your best you will feel your best.

14. Play your favorite video game/app. Playing something you enjoy is fun and it leads to a better day. I love playing games on my phone and I always have a better day when I do.

15. Take a bath. Stop stressing yourself out. Bad days will happen and you can not always control when they will BUT you can control how you react to it. So, take a deep breath. Relax. You are doing great and are allowed to relax without feeling guilty. As long as you are doing your best, that’s all you can ask for.





  1. I try to face monday like spongebob face his daily work, with smile 😀 .. but for real, I’m being squidward in the end of the day…
    Nuce tips by the way.. I have a rocks music playlist for every morning in a week. and King will be king from helloween is on the monday..


  2. I actually love Monday’s- so I’ll be odd with you 😀 Great tips- even the simplest of things (taking a walk) can make (or turn around) a day!

    Liked by 1 person

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