Twitter Chat Tuesdays

Let’s talk about starting a community guys! I really enjoy finding new bloggers, new people who are active on social media, all the good stuff. What I want to know is this, are you interested in becoming part of a community and finding new and interesting people to follow and engage with on social media? Do you want to help spread your blog posts further than just posting them to Facebook or Instagram? If so, keep reading so we can discuss the best way to do this! I want to start hosting a twitter chat every Tuesday at 7 PM CST, which would be 8 PM Eastern and 5 PM Pacific. I would love for feedback on what times you would think are best! I truly want to start a community of bloggers who truly want to interact with each other. Facebook groups and random followers can definitely help improve your engagement and you can build real relationships with other bloggers but with this weekly twitter chat I want more than that. I want people to be able to give feedback, help share ideas, and motivate each other to keep moving forward to bigger and better things. Have you ever engaged in a twitter chat? If so, what are your favorites to be involved in? The simplest and most efficient way to get involved in a twitter chat is to know the time and what hashtag to use to get involved. I am not seeking followers from this post, if you would like to follow me on twitter so you can see when the chat is going on that is fine, but I want to gain lasting friendships with other people who understand what we are all doing, which is blogging. I want to use the hashtag #DDBlogTalk. DD will stand for Dylans Daydream so I can always be aware of who is on the hashtag and can respond. This weekly chat will consist of questions, sharing new blog posts, growing as a community of bloggers instead of the like and go, and helping each other cultivate new ideas. I hate the idea of people chasing only numbers. I started blogging for more than that. I hope you did too. If you would like to participate leave me a comment below! Or just be on the lookout on Tuesday, May 2, at 7 PM CST on the hashtag #DDBlogTalk! 



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