Why You Should Appreciate The Now

Do you ever sit and think about where you currently are in life? Whether you are 18 or 80, you have experienced so much and do not even realize it. Do you appreciate the experiences that got you to where you are now or are you simply going through the motions? I was an early 90s baby, so I was the kid who still played outside but got to see the rise and fall of MySpace. Today, I want to talk about appreciating the now. The moments we are living every day, the ones we will never get back. Appreciating the now is one of the best things you will ever be able to do for yourself and I am going to tell you exactly why that is. The truth of the matter is, we are not promised tomorrow. Why do we continue to waste each moment worrying about insignificant things like who does not like us or trying to please people? No one owns YOUR life but you. I remember when I was 7 years old playing outside with my friends until the sun set. We were young, innocent and did not even know all of the things that were coming our way. Now, I do not even talk to those people. We grew up and grew apart.

Think about all the people you are working so hard to please right now, is it really worth sacrificing your happiness for people you may not talk to tomorrow? Do you want to spend what could be your last moments making someone else besides yourself happy? Break free from the idea that you were put here to please others. I want you to enjoy your life. I know you are probably thinking “I am happy,” but my question is are you sure? You deserve to be happy all the time, in the good moments and the bad moments. Leading me to my next point, how can you be happy all the time? Simple. APPRECIATE RIGHT NOW. You are alive and you are breathing. Bad shit will happen, horrible things might occur in your life. As I look back on things that I thought were going to be the death of me, I now realize without those things I would not be where I am today. I appreciate where I am now because those things got me to here; they made me who I am. The good things are the reason I am where I am today too. Highs and lows in your life shape you, they mold you into the human you were meant to be and they will forever continue to do so.

This post is probably a damn mess but I am going to keep moving forward with the positives. Appreciating right now is vital to living a happy life because this is your one life. You do not get a do-over. I did not appreciate “the now” when I was younger. I had a very deluded idea that things would always remain the same. I thought I would have the same people in my life, walk the same streets, and I would still be 20 years old playing outside without any worries, but that is not the case. I grew up. I gained responsibilities but I also gained a new respect for “the now.” I appreciate every moment as it comes to me because I may never experience that moment again. Life can change just as fast as trends in the fashion industry. What is here today may just very well be gone tomorrow. I never want to be ungrateful for the life I am so incredibly fortunate to live. I know I truly have it way better than so many people and there are people who have it much better than me. I was raised seeing that people who had less than I did APPRECIATED what they had and that sparked something in me.

I had a moment where I thought to myself “love this life, other people pray for the things you have.” I am not saying I have never had problems, I am not saying that I still have moments where I am ungrateful and pissed off that I have to incur bad moments but I tell myself “this too shall pass,” because it will. If you are struggling with anything in your life right now, talk to me. I am here to listen. I will tell you how strong you are. Bad moments come and go. Appreciating “the now” helps ease through those bad moments because when “the now” is good you can remember that when it shifts to the bad. Appreciate what you have but remember you are allowed to go through rough patches as well. Life is a series of highs and lows and as long as you try your hardest that is all that matters. Make it an 80/20. If you can appreciate 80% of your life then you are doing better than most.




  1. I too got to see the rise and fall of myspace and this post just made me think where did all of that time go. It is so easy to just get caught up in the motions and I think it is time to appreciate things more and enjoy each and every moment!

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