25 Helpful Blog Post Ideas When You Are Feeling Uninspired 

Do you ever feel uninspired? Do not know what to write about? Well today, I have got 25 ideas for you to choose from!


1. The quintessential list of blog post ideas! 

Everyone has those times when they struggle with what to write about. Making a list of help other bloggers gives you a great post idea AND helps people out!

 2. Instead of an outfit of the day post, make it a pajamas of the day post. 

Everyone likes to share their clothes they wear out and about but show people what you wear at home. Whether it be a baggy t-shirt with holes or just a shirt and shorts people will love feeling connected to you. Everyone wear pajamas and it does not have to be glamorous.

3. Do a post full of photos where you dissect each photo. i.e. “This is flower garden full of all my favorites. The flower on the right is…” 

People LOVE photos, it takes away from having to do a lot of reading but if you dissect the photo by saying “this shirt is from” “I bought this kind of coffee at…” people get a small description and do not have to overwork their minds.

4. A bucket list and why you want to do each item.

Everyone has a bucket list of places they would love to travel, things they would love to do. Why not share yours? Instead of just saying what each item is, tell your readers WHY you want to do these things. Is it for the experience? Is it to challenge yourself?

5. Explain a color to someone who will never be able to see it.

Bust out your creative writing chops with this one. Is red what it is like when you feel your heart racing after hearing a startling revelation about someone you thought you trusted? Or is it the feeling of someone wrapping their arms around when you feel like you can not get out of bed that day?

6. Share why you began blogging in less than 1,000 words. 

Tell your story. What made you start blogging? Was it wanting to gain financial standing? Just to gain friendships? LESS than a 1,000 words though!

7. Are you a reader? Why or why not? 

Simple, explain your stance on reading. Why do you choose to read or not read. Also, for an added bonus, make a valid argument as to why people should agree with what you do.

8. Tell us how people reacted to you starting a blog.

Were you made fun of? Did people say it was a waste of time? Who encouraged you to start and keep going?

9. What’s the easiest way for you to save money?

Tell your readers what you do to keep a little extra money in the bank.

10. Why did you give up on something you loved so much?

Did someone ruin it for you? Did you convince yourself it was not going anywhere?

11. What you would change about your favorite movie?

What would make it better? Worse? Do you think it even needs changing?

12. Do you think it’s important to stand up for the things you believe in, even if people don’t agree? 

Would your rather sit back and be silent or do you stand up for the people who can not stand up for themselves?

13. What scares you the most? 

Heights, sharks, spiders?


14. Give me a DIY that costs less than $15 to make.

Everyone loves a cheap and simple DIY.

15. What items you have to have when you leave the house?

A variant of this could be a what is in my bag/backpack.

16. Share a recipe you’ve added a personal twist to. 

Do you add a certain spice to a more sweet dish? Are you putting something unique in your ramen? Share it with the readers!

17. What are your favorite apps for blogging? 

What is on your phone that helps your blog.

18. An honest review of your favorite restaurant.

Do not sugar coat it. Local readers want to know the goods, the bads, the uglies, and how the service is.

19. How to motivate yourself to get outside.

We need exercise but sometimes it is hard to convince yourself of that. How do you do it?

20. What makes you feel most confident?

A certain outfit, just a positive mental state? What is it that makes YOU feel your best?

21. Online shopping hotspots you can not stay away from.

Is it Amazon? I bet it is Amazon.

22. Favorite snacks, not just the healthy ones.

If you love carrots and apples, that is great! So do I, but I definitely can put away a couple snack size snickers. Do not glamorize your eating habits, be real with your readers.

23. Write about your feelings toward a controversial topic. i.e. religion, politics.

Do you think our president sucks? Do you believe in God?

24. Where to find blog inspiration?

Is it from Pinterest, blog topics like this one, maybe even television or movies?

25. How to spend your time alone.

It is important to be able to spend your time alone but HOW do you go about doing that?



  1. Visited your blog this evening looking for blog post inspiration, and stumbled upon this blog post! Shall definitely be taking some of these to use 🙂 thanks Dylan

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As a new blogger I haven’t yet run out of my endless ideas to write about. I have so many ideas I can’t keep up….just not enough time to get them all written. I will save this for future reference most definitely as you have great ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your ideas!! I have had moments of panic where I feel like I have absolutely nothing scheduled to write about. I love how simple yet interesting your ideas are, and how much fun they would be to write! Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. It can be challenging to think of ideas sometimes. I keep a list in my phone so whenever an idea strikes, I can make sure to jot it down before I forget. Thanks for the ideas!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Oh i really needed this. I am new to blogging and wandering here and there to gather information and tips on how to run it 🙂 Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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