Casual and Affordable Plus Size Men’s Outfits for Spring/Summer 

Are you a guy who struggles with what to wear in the spring/summer seasons? Are you a lady who has sons or husbands or boyfriends to try and buy clothes for? Today, I am going to share two different casual and affordable outfits! I live in the South and it gets HOT here so shorts are a MUST for me and everyone I know.  Sometimes I like to wear jean shorts and sometimes I like to elevate my outfit a little bit with a nice pair of khaki flat front shorts. A lot of people will say you do not look put together when you wear shorts out in public but to that, I have one thing to say, come experience a Louisiana summer. I used to struggle a bit in the fashion area being a bigger guy but I am getting more and more comfortable playing around more with what I wear. I hope you enjoy these outfits as much as I do. I love each thing I am wearing in these photos and the fact that I can stay cool and still look nice is the best part of it all! This first outfit consists of a Nike shirt, Arizona shorts, and my trusty every day Adidas. I wore this outfit out this past Sunday to my mamaws. We like to spend every Sunday as a family so I could have really worn anything I wanted to but this outfit just looked great to me and was so comfortable. I love the whole athleisure trend and wearing sportswear with something you would not wear to the gym is my go to. We spent part of our day outside with our little cousin blowing bubbles for her so she could chase them. I love these random photos where you can see my entire outfit without me being posed and trying to look a certain way for the camera. I was having fun watching the baby have a good time and that is exactly what I feel like fashion should be, FUN FOR EVERYONE! Regardless of age, race, or size.

Outfit Number 1


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Outfit Number 2

This outfit is a little more put together. I paired my olive green shorts with a henley and again my always around Adidas.  I felt by tucking the shirt in and adding a belt I looked a little more put together and that I could transition this outfit into a more formal but still casual situation. The best part about this is even though it looks like I tried a little harder, I really did not! Adding a belt and a shirt tuck is one of the simplest ways to pull a slouchy look together. I could have left the belt and untucked the shirt if I really wanted to go for SUPER casual. I really like the way this looked on me overall and both the shirt and shorts were $20 a piece! Also, did I nail the blogger looking down at ground looking ever so cool look? I think I did an okay job, LOL.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The links to everything I am wearing are below and for the items I could not find not find exact matches for I found something as similar as I could! I love these outfits because they are truly effortless and cool to boot. Learing to dress for the warm months is still a process for me but I can definitely say I am enjoying it, no matter how much I miss my jeans and jackets.

What I Am Wearing

Broken-In Khaki Shorts for Men

Similar- Striped Pique Henley for Men

Similar- Arizona 10″ Inseam Denim Cutoff Short

Similar- Nike Graphic T-shirt 

Adidas Originals Superstars


Adidas t-shirt

Wrangler shorts

ASOS jean shorts

ASOS henley

Puma sneakers





  1. Love it. Your confidence is very transparent. Fortunately I have a co-worker, (close friend) who is ready to go back into the dating world and can use these ideas and read. I will email him this post. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.

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  2. Great recommendations. I have several male friends/family members who are taller and bigger and struggle (especially in the summer months) finding casual clothes that don’t look too casual but aren’t too hot.

    All great tips and suggestions here. I’ll be passing them along and keeping them in mind when I’m shopping for them.

    Liked by 1 person

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