Over Coming a Bad Day: A Guest Post 

We’ve all had a bad day, or a bad week, or even a bad month. But there is one quote that I love to tell others and that I also think you should keep in mind, “a bad day doesn’t equal a bad life.” I won’t lie and say that I’ve never had a bad day or that I’ve never gone through things that make it feel like I’ll never get back up because I have. We all have every last one of us has. But how do you overcome a bad day? How do you move on from that bad day and make sure that the next day isn’t bad anymore? I know that sometimes things will feel very heavy and that they feel like they could not possibly ever end, but it does.


When having a bad day, the first step is to accept it. You can’t change the day that you are in and you can’t change what happened but you can accept it and learn from it. Sometimes the only thing you can do is to accept that not everything is going to workout the way you thought it would, that you can’t fix everything on the spot and you can’t always just shut it out. Sometimes all you can do is accept it. All you can do is accept that today was a bad day and tomorrow will hopefully be better.
Once you’ve accepted that it was a bad day, find someone who you can share what the bad day was. Let that be your mom, a friend, a coworker, or even a stranger for no reason. Talking is the key to getting over everything. Regardless of what you think, holding in your feelings will not help. I talk to a camera when I’m feeling down, or write a blog post about the situation. For me, that’s how I handle a bad day and get through it. Find something you love and express it through that way. If you don’t want to talk, write, draw, express it any way possible. Even paintings have words.

Lastly, move on. Bad day are going to happen and they are going to be awful, but move on. Move on to the next day and allow it to be better. Like I said before, you can’t fix everything on the spot, you can’t always shut it out, and you can’t always explain what exactly made a bad day, a bad day. “A bad day doesn’t equal a bad life.” Live by this, accept this, express this, and move on. You will be okay, your day will end and then next will be better. But it all starts with you, and how you handle this.

Thank you so much, Dylan, for letting me guest post!

Hi y’all, my names Megan and I write a lifestyle/advice blog over at LoveMeganAnne.com. You’ll find everything from advice to stories to just whatever the heck happens. I’m just your normal 23-year-old girl trying to make a name for herself out here on the internet. Am I doing a good job? Well, that’s really up to y’all! Have a wonderful day!

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A note from Dylan: thank you so much for being my first guest poster Megan! I truly admire your work and I hope to see you back here again with us very soon!



    1. I’m definitely a big listener whenever I can be for anyone. Sometimes people just need to be able to talk to someone they don’t know so they won’t have that fear of judgment from family or friend


  1. Great tips! The worst thing you can do when having a bad day is to wallow. Bad days will happen, but it’s how you handle those bad days that make All he difference!

    Liked by 1 person

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