7 Different Types of People You Meet in a Small Town

Have you ever wondered what types of personalities exist in a small southern town? Do you think it is all like the country movies you see on tv? I am here to tell you about SEVEN different types of people you are very like to encounter if you live in or plan to move to a small town.  If you have ever lived in a small town a lot of these may make perfect sense to you but if not, get ready for roller coaster ride.

1. The one who left and came back home.

A lot of people grow up in a small town wanting to get out of. When you have 6 gas stations and a Walmart it is incredibly easy to want to leave and never come back. People finally leave and move to a city and it is a culture shock for those people and they eventually end up back home in the town they grew up in. People find safety in familiarity.

2. The one who was born and bred and will probably be buried here.

Small town pride is strong and because of that, you have people who will never, ever leave. They were born in their town or close to it, they grew up in their town, and they will go down in their town.

3. The one who desperately wants out.

When you grow up in a small town and see pictures and hear stories of the city, it fuels your fire to leave. Some small town guys and girls can not wait to leave. The difference between these people and others that leave is that they will NOT come back. They may come back to visit, but once they get out they are gone. The desperation for change and adventure always outweighs the fear of the unknown for these people.

4. The one overly friendly townsperson.

Every small town has a few people who are overly friendly. They talk to every single person they know, they shake everyone’s hand, and will offer a compliment to anyone they see. In the South, you are raised to be polite and these people go above and beyond on that front.

5. The one who thinks “I have the slightest bit more money than you so I am obviously better.” 

This is a real thing in small towns, I know because I live in one. I will say a good 65% of the people you will meet here are nice and kind, but then you have the “snooty” people. These are the people who somehow stumbled upon just a little bit more money than the rest of the people in town and decide they are on a different plane of existence. The only problem is, people in small towns do not care about money. When you act like an asshole because you have money you get put into a box of “do not talk to them,” because no one wants to associate with people who believe they are high and mighty because they have a few extra dollars. Kindness and respect are worth a lot more than a designer item in a small town.

6. The one who is the dreamer.

You have the dreamer in a small town. The person who lives and works and does not totally hate it but also dreams of leaving to go on to bigger and better things. A small town only has so much to offer you up to a certain point when your dreams are big.

7. The one who thinks they know everyone’s business.

Ahhhh, the person who knows what you did before you do. Every small town has it. Gossip is not restrictive to small towns by any means, but here it is wild. You can go to the store and tell someone you are buying a gallon of milk and in 5 minutes you mom is liable to call you and ask who you got pregnant. Word spreads fast here but it is no words that ever crossed your lips. People who think they know everyone’s business actually do not know anything at all but that will never stop them from asking a million questions to everyone they know and end up getting the stories mixed up. The rumor mill is strong in a small town.



  1. You hit the nail on the head here! Whenever I go home ‘home’ from London I feel like the one who left and came back, but the people are always the same, the people in the shops are the same, the people walking their dogs are the same, and it’s strangely comforting xx

    Sophia x

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