May Memories 

This May was full of adventures for me. From Mothers Day to Memorial Day and everything in between I stayed pretty busy. I decided instead of writing a lengthy blog post I would just share some of favorite memories I had from May which range from one of my favorite outfits, my brother playing guitar in a store and people complimenting him left and right, pictures from Mothers Day with my family, puppies galaore, and photos from random mini road trips. I truly have gained such an appreication for my life in the last year and I can not wait to see where life goes. I learned not every photo has to be perfect, not every moment will be good, but I am so lucky to live this life. I have a loving family, healthy animals and memories to last a life time. I think I may make this a monthly series here on the blog, sort of in the style of “xxxx Favorites.” I hope you enjoy the photos of my month as much as I enjoyed living them!


My FAVE outift of the month. I wanted to shoot it for the blog but the picutres were not as good as I would of liked. 


How cute was the snapchat Memorial Day filter? 


I went to the mall with my family because why not hit up the mall on the weekend? 

How beautiful are my mom and grandma though?! Mothers Day was such a fun time. 

Me, Mamamw, and my cousin Courtney. Of course they had to have on matching necklaces almost :p


My mom and I on Mothers Day
I may be 24 but that is not stopping me from still playing with bubbles. I plan on enjoying my youth up into my 100s. 


This was from a candy and soda shop in Shreveport, LA

The boardwalk 


How cool does this shot look?


Would you believe this was completely made of metal? I thought it was so cool. 


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