How To Start A Blog In 3 Simple Steps

Hey there!! Happy Wednesday. In today’s blog post I want to talk about how ANYONE can start a blog in 3 simple steps. Blogging can be very complicated, it can be very confusing, and by not knowing where to start a lot of people never try. I want everyone to be able to try blogging! I have found my passion project within blogging and if even one person can experience what I have with blogging then I definitely want to share that. So, without any more ramblings from me keep reading to find out how YOU can start a blog in 3 simple steps.

1. Pick a topic or a group of topics you are passionate about and want to write about. 

So, you want to start a blog huh? I AM SO EXCITED you want to join the community. Blogging has so many fantastic benefits! The question now is this, what do you want to blog about? Do you want to be a fashion blogger? Do you want to be a food blogger? Do you want to have a blog like this and be a lifestyle blogger? Keep in my mind there is so much more than what I just listed that you can choose from. You could blog about anything. Bloggers have a thing called a niche. I do not believe you need to niche down, it is helpful I will not lie about that, but I do believe you need to pick a topic or topics that you know you will like to write about. I chose lifestyle because it encompasses multiple different things. A lifestyle blog is kind of like saying I’m everything blogger. I love talking about food, fashion, blogging, and just chatting with my readers. I also believe in positive thinking and loving yourself so I want to write about all of that. The biggest thing about picking a topic is knowing that you are passionate about it so you will not run out of content. The most important aspect of blogging is to be able to put out the best content that you can and the best content is what you believe so passionately in.

2. Do your research. 

You can spend thousands of dollars on your blog if you want to or it can be completely free depending on what you want. I choose to be a free blogger at this time. Since I still consider myself a newbie blogger I am taking it slow, getting a feel for everything, and deciding what is best for me. What is best for one person is not always necessarily best for another. Maybe you have done all your research, you have the money and you are ready to jump headfirst into the blogging game. Being ready and prepared to start blogging is awesome! I did not do my research before I started, none at all. I googled where I could blog at and came up with my name and started typing away. I have learned so much simply by googling and getting on Pinterest. I have joined blog groups galore that have helped me so much, I can ask a question within my groups and have help from seasoned bloggers almost automatically. So, do your research. Decide if you want to spend money on your blog. Making money from a blog you spend money on is always an awesome thing! My next point is that yes, you can make money from your blog when you spend money on it. You can apply for ads, you can possibly get sponsorships, the possibilities are really endless. After you have decided on your blog topic(s), decide if YOU think it is worth spending money on or if free is the way to go.

3. Enjoy it. 

Blogging was meant to be fun. Nowadays people have this idea that they are going to start a blog and have millions of readers and all this online popularity and sadly for a lot of people that is not the case. Blog because YOU LOVE IT, because YOU ENJOY IT, because it MAKES YOU HAPPY. You can make so many friends and get involved in so many different ways without having 5 million subscribers, followers, readers or whatever you choose to call the people who support you. I was a person who definitely thought oh I will have tons of readers and have millions of people who want to hear what I say when in fact there are thousands and probably millions of people who also have a voice they want to share online. I am so glad I finally came to my senses are realize I want to blog because I genuinely love it and if people read it and enjoy it that is awesome! Enjoying what you are doing is what will make blogging feel like fun and not a job.



  1. I love that you explained this in the simplest of terms for newbies! It’s clear and understandable which is perfect! I completely agree on everything you stated and want to go blog right now. But alas, I must clean my kitchen lol 😉💕

    Liked by 1 person

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