You Have Set Up Your Blog, Now What?

So your first blog is up and running! Congratulations! Now you are wondering, where do I go from here? I can say there are a lot of different routes you can take now that your blog is up and you are putting content out for people to read. Today, I am going to share with you the 5 things I think every person should do when they begin blogging.

1. Set up social media accounts for your blog.

This is definitely something I did not know was important. I was already on social media so that should be enough right? Yes and no is the answer in my opinion. I started out just using my personal accounts for everything. I did not have a Facebook page set up nor did I have a Pinterest business page. I did not even know that I could have a Facebook page or what a business page even was on Pinterest. These types of things are so simple to set up! I did a quick google search and that was that. I did not make business pages because I was trying to sell anything and I am still not but I knew in the future if I wanted someone to contact me I did not need to mix business with my personal life online. Social media is paving the way for the future. I can send out a tweet or post an Instagram photo or share something I find interesting on my Facebook page to reach people QUICK. You are not going to send an email to 5,000 people of something you found funny on Facebook and wait for a reply. People have a tendency to want quick interaction and that is what social media gives you.  Setting up social media accounts is definitely a MUST after you start your blog.

2. Join Facebook groups for bloggers.

This is the biggest thing that has helped me so far. I love my different blog groups. A lot of my engagement comes from being able to share my work with a community of people who are on a similar journey to mine. I honestly did not realize how many people blogged and made it a side job or profession before I joined these groups. Facebook groups not only helped up my engagement on my blog but also on my social media accounts. These are real people who are truly interacting with you. They are not bots that someone pushes a button on and leaves generic, fake comments and likes from empty accounts. A lot of people do not want to use Facebook groups because they say it is not “fair,” but do not listen to that. As long as you are not buying likes, followers, or views you are being fair. Take advantage of the resources that are provided to you. Seasoned bloggers did not always have these tools and I think it is amazing current and future bloggers are able to use tools not previously provided. I have so much respect for people who grew organically without the resources I have today. Facebook groups are a tool you must take advantage of.

3. Decide what social media accounts your blog will benefit from most.

Deciding what social media to focus on for your blog will do it wonders. Some people love Facebook marketing other people prefer Pinterest. Testing out different types of social media is a process and can be very hit or miss. Focus on growing your accounts organically. I suggest, now keep in mind I am no expert so please do not take my word on every little thing, that if your blog is highly based on photos to focus on Instagram, Pinterest has a big market for recipes and DIYs, Facebook is for anything and everything. DO NOT ever buy followers, like or anything of that nature. Your social media accounts WILL grow on their on as long as you dedicate time to them. I know it can get frustrating not seeing the numbers you want quickly and choosing one or two accounts to focus on will help you not feel so discouraged because working hard on those will help you see numbers faster.

4. Get involved in the blogging community.

The blogging community can be ROUGH, to say the least, but GET INVOLVED! Start commenting on other people’s blog posts, give constructive criticism, ask for feedback on your own work, just do whatever you can to get involved. I know it can be scary to reach out to other bloggers and a lot of times they do not respond. The sad reality is that the world of blogging is heavily saturated and a lot of people are only focused on their own agenda. Let yourself enjoy blogging and the amazing community that is out there. Once you find your tribe you will be so glad you started the process of getting involved.

5. Start producing quality content.

Producing quality content is simply the most important thing you can do after your blog is up and running. Quality over quantity. If you can only create one REALLYYYYYYY good blog post a week, your audience will appreciate that more than 3 or 5 half-assed pieces. Like I said before, there are a billion blogs online that people can find and by producing quality content for YOUR blog you will stand out. Make sure you are writing relative pieces to your blog and that they actually interest and mean something to you. People can pick up on you not trying very hard. If you do not do anything else that I have suggested in this post, at least to do this one. Respect yourself enough to have faith in your work and know that what you are putting out for people to invest their time in reading is actually worth reading.



  1. I love that you have given new bloggers a direction to head after starting their first blog. I think that there is soo much hype to get a blog started and then it’s hard to know where to go next!

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