Never Struggle for Blog Post Ideas Again!

Welcome to part 3 of my blogging series; you can check out part 1 here and part 2 here! I think this will be my last post in this series, a least for a while, so you guys do not get bored with me, LOL. Today I am going to share some tips and ideas that will hopefully help you be able to keep consistent ideas rolling out on your blog!

1. Set a schedule. 

The problem a lot of people face is not having a schedule. When you throw up a blog post at any time it is easy to get distracted and you end up not working with different ideas to see what you like and what your writing style is. Depending on your day to day schedule, take the time to fit blogging into that. Many bloggers have 9-5 type jobs to put food on the table which puts their blog on the back burner. The way to fix that is to simply schedule time for your passion project. Even if you only post one time a week or three times a month just sit down and plan out when you can write, when you can edit, and when you can post. Scheduling is key. When you are scheduling you are making yourself come up with ideas.

2. Brainstorm on paper.

Stop just talking ideas through in your head. Get out a good ole notepad and pen and start writing. Ideas are much simpler when you can visually see what is going on. Tons of people are visual learners and thinkers and you may be one of them. Take 15 minutes to sit down away from your phone, away from the computer, and just write. Even if you do not use one idea at least you are getting it out there and can eliminate the bad in the process of finding the good.

3. Search Pinterest.

Pinterest is the FILLED with ideas. First off, if you find an idea on Pinterest do not copy it verbatim. I love to use Pinterest to find ideas but then I make them my own. If you copy a direct idea, it just takes away from how proud you will feel doing something on your own, and if you do take an idea at least give the author credit. Maybe you found a recipe you like and want to recreate, do that! There are TONS of DIYS you can recreate and make your own too. The possibilities on this website are endless. Just search around on Pinterest, you will find something but be careful because you can get lost in all the fun things!

4. Google.

We all go through times when it is hard to find topics we want to talk about. You feel like you have written about everything under the sun, you feel like you lack in creativity, and you can sometimes feel like an all around failure. I have felt these exact emotions when I am going through an uninspired patch. Google will be your best friend. Bloggers create a lot of tags for other bloggers to do that you can find on google. There are tags like the blogger recognition award that you can participate in. Google is the best known search engine for a reason. If you dig a little deeper you can find some really unique ideas for your blog.

5. Talk with other bloggers.

Ask other people what they enjoy. Poll your fellow bloggers. Bloggers understand what bloggers want to read. How many times can I say bloggers? LOL. In all actuality, people who are doing what you are doing can give great advice on potential ideas. You can even ask people who are not bloggers. Read other blogs. Get inspired by the people around you.

6. Ask your friends and family what they like to read.

When you talk to people you know, you get an idea of the things they enjoy. People are going to want to read your posts when they are topics that are fun and relevant to a large majority of people. When you ask people in your life about their interest and hobbies you may just find something new that you love. Then, after you have found the new thing to enjoy you can write about a new passion you have!

7. See what’s popular on Buzzfeed, Facebook, and other popular social sites. 

Buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter all these sites are constantly pushing new stories out with tons and tons of readers. Sometimes people just want to read a silly article about someone’s favorite memes so they can decompress and take a breather from the real world. Sometimes your blog does not have to be super serious. You can share funny memes, silly movie quotes, and weird websites you have found. Posting things that are FUN is always going to lead to you having a great idea to write about!

8. Read through a cookbook.

Take the recipe and make it the way YOU would like. Maybe it calls for veggies you are not a fan of or ingredients you are allergic to; change up that recipe and make it unique. Recipe posts are easy to create and fun to do. The best part of making a blog post from a recipe you have made your own in that you get to eat your creation. You get a full blog post and a snack/meal, that really is a win-win in my book!

9. Read the news, then do some research.

See what is actually happening in the world. If you have a controversial opinion, share it. The world is a MESSY, MESSY place and your opinion added in will not hurt it. I fully believe you can post daily about your thoughts and opinions on the state of our world. Maybe you want to write about politics, maybe you want to write about global warming, or maybe you even want to write about what animals are going extinct. The important this is to do your research. When you have facts, you can back up your blog posts!

10. Write what YOU want.

Do not worry about what other people think if you are happy with your work. Plain and simple. If you want to write about how you are proud that you made it out of bed, do it. If you want to write about how you made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and grilled it, do that. Writing about what you love and what you want to write about will make it to where you never, ever run out of ideas. Your blog is for you and for anyone people who enjoy you. Be authentic in your posts.



  1. I like the last one 😃My blog is only about 6 months old so I haven’t hurt for ideas yet, but I have found creating a schedule has helped with that greatly. I’ll try the Buzzfeed thing. I’m thinking of scouring Pinterest for ideas for a play actually.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love planning out a ton of ideas ahead of time, then working through them, scrapping some and finding new ideas from everyday life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are some great ideas, I often find myself struggling and end up starting and abandoning hundreds of draft posts so these ideas are a good way to get over that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do that too. I start writing and scrap it. That’s why I loveeee brainstorming on paper I can literally scrap it when I don’t like it! Lol


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