A Life Update: Why I’ve Been Gone

Hey guys! I know I have not posted in a hot ass minute. I am writing this post from my phone so I apologize so far in advance if there are any typos or spelling errors and the like. Honestly, I have not felt SUPER motivated to write because I am in the process of possibly going back to school. I was thinking if it goes as planned, should I do a blog series on school? I will be entering school as an adult this time at 24, almost 25 years old. I have been thinking a lot lately about my future. What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? I am so fortunate to have loving parents who have allotted me more than enough time to really try to figure things out.

I have a problem with comparing myself to another person’s journey. I preach it to everyone else that no two people are alike and everyone is walking their own path. I guess I need to start taking my own advice huh? I am human and I definitely get stressed though. I want to do well in life, I want to be successful, but most importantly I want to be happy. Deciding to go back to school is a big step for me. I do not want to jinx it but I really think this might be the shift in my life that I have been waiting for. I am excited at the prospect of a new journey and if it does not work out I am glad that my fire has at least been lit to go out and make things happen. I am ready to put this stress behind me and get back on track. I want to start making content again for the blog, I am getting more active on Instagram, you can follow me @imdylanwestfield, I post there even when I am not posting here.

I am ready to live my life again. Stress can consume you if you let it and I did, but no longer will I let it. I do not want my life to be stagnant and lived on “what ifs.” I am going to get back to being myself, taking my own advice, and rising above life’s challenges. I am sharing all of this with you in the hopes that if you are in a similar situation you can pull yourself out of. Do not let anyone convince you life is all rainbows and butterflies because it definitely is not. You and me though? We are going to make it and do GREAT things! I have made some purchases to make myself feel a little better, retail therapy am I right, that I want to share with you too!

These Nike slides may just be the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. They are only $30! And we all know for Nike that is super cheap, right?

If you are looking for a dupe for Apples $40 iPhone 7 plus case, look no further. This Amazon basic’s phone case is only $5!

That is all I have to share with you right now! I hope you enjoyed this little chit chat, life update post! Let me know what has been going on in your life in the comments!



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