Reentering College As An Adult

I did it! It is official. I am a college student again at 24. I can honestly say I did not know this would happen. I remember being 18 and graduating high school and I just KNEW I had my entire life planned out. Was future me in for a shock or what? Let me give you a little background information before we get into where I currently am.

College After High School

The thing about college is I DID go straight out of high school, I just had no idea that it was SO expensive and I even went to a community college. I worked part time and went to classes the other part of the time after I graduated high school. My community college was a 45-minute commute one way so you can imagine the transportation cost alone was MAJOR. I live in a small town where there is no Uber, there is no taxi, no subway, all the good stuff. Also, high school Dylan did NOT try hard enough to get scholarships and good grades. I do not regret where I am now. I definitely wish I had tried a little hard, but I know the path I’m on now is where I am meant to be. If I can give anyone who is in high school one piece of advice it is to try hard and get a good scholarship. If you are an adult thinking about going back to college I have some advice for you too, DO IT!

College As An Adult

I have been in college for almost 2 weeks now. I decided to take the route of an online college where I could still live my day to day life and work at my own pace. I will say this route is not for everyone. I did A LOT of research, emailed state boards I would have to go through, it definitely took me some time to get everything together. I am not enrolled in a veterinary technician program at Penn Foster. After I have completed my education I will give a full review because I know there are some fairly mixed reviews floating around. I am so excited to be in school again. My one biggest fears of going back was other people’s opinions. WHY DID I LET THAT BOTHER ME? They are not paying my bills. You have one life to live and if there is something you are passionate about, pursue that passion. Do not do things just for money. When you work a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. Has anyone else heard that quote before? I am thrilled to know my job will be a challenging but SO rewarding.

College As Of Now

There are a few things about being in college that I am having to work on. The biggest thing for me is self-motivation; when you have the ability to work at your own pace you HAVE to get a schedule together. The second thing is finding out how I learn best through trial and error. The last thing is making sure I finish in a timely manner. I can take days and days off but I know that will only end up badly because I can forget the material and possibly not complete in the time allotted to me. Overall, I am excited to be on this new journey and will definitely be blogging about it along the way! I hope if you have any dreams you want to accomplish you are taking steps towards them, even if they are just small steps!


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