What You Will Get From This Blog

I am going to do my best to provide you with posts that HELP you. I want to help you have better days, I want to help you find new people to interact with, I want to help you grow as a person, and most importantly I want to help you and I grow as friends. I want this blog to take you out of bad mood/day/place, even if it is only for a little while.

This Is For You

You read that right! This blog is for you. The blogger, the brother, the mom, the aunt, the pet owner, the fighter, the warrior. This is a growing community of awesome people. I want the best of the best, and that means I want you! I do not want to be just another blogger running down views and trying to profit off your reads. No, I want to be your friend and build a community of kindhearted, loving individuals who are going to grow and help others grow too.

Why You Should Join This Community

I am genuinely excited for anyone who wants to join this community. I have a plethora of reasons why too!

  • Budding friendships
  • Quality content I am proud of
  • Consistent communication
  • Personal growth
  • Gaining confidence in yourself
  • Learning how to accept yourself as you are

A Little About Me

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My name is Dylan and I am 24 years old. I live in Louisiana and a proud owner of a pug called Winston. I enjoy blogging, Netflix, and eating a lot of tacos. I want to help you learn to love yourself, accept yourself, grow confident, and maybe throw in a few random things I spent money on and I think you should too or what I am currently reading and want to suggest to you. I am not here to sell you a product, I am not here to tell you that everything is ALWAYS going to be okay, but I am here to try and help each and every person who comes across my path grow into a stronger, better person. I hope you want to join me on this journey.